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If you’re on this page, you’re likely about to face the MoGEA exam, also known as the Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments. This test is given to all incoming education certification trainees in the state of Missouri, as a means of measuring their preparedness for certification curriculum. It will test you on four core subjects: Writing; Reading Comprehension and Interpretation; Science and Social Studies; and Mathematics. This page will feature information regarding the Mathematics portion of the exam.


Despite its polarizing status, Mathematics is a very important subject for today’s population to learn and know. Our world is increasingly becoming driven by technology, itself developed in part through mathematical principles. The MoGEA Mathematics exam will evaluate your comprehension of several mathematical concepts, including Statistics and Data Analysis (25 percent); Measurement and Geometry (25 percent); and Numbers and Algebra (50 percent). The Mathematics exam is one of the lengthier portions of the exam, spanning 75 minutes and 40 questions, all of which are in multiple choice format.

In order to be as prepared for this exam as you possibly can, you’ll want to invest in only the most comprehensive study tools. On this page, you will find our official Mometrix MoGEA Mathematics practice test. We have created this practice test with the help of careful research. Each and every question featured on this practice test is meant to closely mirror what you will find on the real exam in terms of structure and content. This will allow you to gain a more fleshed out view of how the exam will work and how to approach it on exam day.


Should you find you need extra help as you study, you can also refer to our MoGEA Mathematics study guide. Both of these tools are meant to give you a better understanding of this important exam, so you can approach it as effectively as possible. We hope you will choose to incorporate our resources into your study plan. Good luck!


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