MoGEA English Language Arts Practice Test

The MoGEA test, otherwise known as the Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments, is designed specifically for new education certification trainees. If you want to teach in the state of Missouri, you cannot begin your training without first passing this exam. The MoGEA splits into four sections: Writing; Reading Comprehension and Interpretation; Science and Social Studies; and Mathematics. This page will cover the Writing and Reading Comprehension and Interpretation sections of the exam, which we have combined under the umbrella subject, English Language Arts.


It’s easy to see why English Language Arts is important to your certification training. Reading and communicating are how we interact with others and the world around us. If you do not know how to communicate efficiently, you cannot hope to properly convey educational concepts to your students.

The Writing section of the MoGEA English Language Arts exam is composed entirely of one essay prompt. You will be given a full hour to compose your answer. The Reading Comprehension and Interpretation is somewhat lengthier, spanning 75 minutes and 39 questions, all of them multiple choice. Its subject areas include Critical Reasoning and Evaluation (34 percent); Inference and Interpretation (33 percent); and Literal Comprehension (33 percent).


At Mometrix Test Preparation, we care about your success. That’s why we strive to create and publish the best study tools. On this page, you’ll be able to access our exclusive MoGEA English Language Arts practice test and companion MoGEA English Language Arts study guide. Both of these tools are designed to give you a better understanding and more accurate glimpse of what the real exam has to offer. You can use these study tools to fine tune your study plan based on the information from our study guide as well as your performance on our practice test. We hope these tools will become an effective component of your study plan. Good luck!


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