ISEE Middle Level Exam

The Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) for grades 7 and 8 is an entrance exam is used by independent schools across the country to measure a potential student’s strengths in all of the core academic skills needed to succeed in their educational goals.

Where Do I Register My Child for the ISEE?

The test is administered in a number of different ways. It might be offered by the school where the student is applying or at a different testing center which is used by a few different schools in the area. You can find out the most convenient testing option for you by talking to the school where your student is seeking admission.

What Should We Prepare for on Test Day?

On the day of the test, you need to bring the verification letter you received when registering for the test along with three sharpened No. 2 pencils (if your child will be taking the paper version of the test).

Once the test begins, your child will have a total of 160 minutes to complete all 5 sections, including the essay. That time is divided between the sections as follows:

  • Verbal Reasoning – 20 minutes
  • Quantitative Reasoning – 35 minutes
  • Reading Comprehension – 35 minutes
  • Mathematics Achievement – 40 minutes
  • Essay – 30 minutes

Keep these time limits in mind when your child is preparing for the test. When answering practice questions or taking a practice test, make sure to time them so they can get used to the time constraints.

There will also be two scheduled breaks included in the testing session. The first break occurs after the quantitative reasoning section and the second occurs after the mathematics achievement section. Each break will be 5-10 minutes long.

You should also include these scheduled breaks in the practice tests. Encourage your child to stand up, walk around, use the restroom, take a drink of water, or just generally make use of these breaks even when they don’t feel like they need them.

What Kinds of Questions Will My Child See on the Test?

The test is made up of five subtests that each concentrate on a particular skillset that students will need. The five sections include:

  • Verbal Reasoning – 40 Questions
    • Vocabulary
    • Sentence Completion
  • Quantitative Reasoning – 37 Questions
    • Word Problems
    • Quantitative Comparison
  • Reading Comprehension – 36 Questions
    • Six age-appropriate reading passages about the arts, history, contemporary life, and science.
    • Questions relating to the passage to measure how much the student understood and retained after reading.
  • Mathematics Achievement – 47 Questions
    • Grade-level appropriate math questions which will ask the student to first identify the problem and then find a solution to the problem.
  • Essay – 1 Prompt

The first four sections will be made up exclusively of multiple choice questions. The essay section will provide a specific writing prompt and the student must construct a handwritten response. The essay doesn’t receive a score but is simply sent directly to the school you designated during registration so that they can evaluate it according to their own criteria.

ISEE Middle Level Practice Test

ISEE Middle Level Practice Test

How Is the ISEE Scored?

The test is given a cumulative scaled score ranging from 760 to 940 as well as a percentile ranking to show how well the student performed in comparison to other students of the same age, taking the same test for admission to the same grade.

Because it is an admissions test, there is no “passing” score. With that said, the higher up in the percentile rankings your child is, the stronger their overall application will be. However, this is far from the only criteria the school uses when deciding which students to accept. So don’t neglect the other aspects of the application.

How Can I Help My Child Do Their Best on the ISEE?

The best way to help your child succeed is to use the Mometrix Study Guide. It includes clear explanations of all the most important concepts written by experts in a way that will keep students engaged and help them understand and absorb the information. It also comes with excellent preparation tips and test-taking strategies that your child can use to avoid test-anxiety and maintain confidence under pressure.

For the best results, combine the guide with Mometrix Flashcards. You can use these to create fun, interactive study games to help your child enjoy learning and engage the material more actively. They are also a great tool parents can use to provide the support and encouragement their child needs to prepare for and succeed on this important test.

To get the most out of these study aids, make sure your child sticks to a manageable study routine. They shouldn’t overwhelm themselves to the point of exhaustion but they should make time to review the material and develop their skills for the test each day.

ISEE Middle Level Study Guide

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ISEE Middle Level Study Guide
ISEE Middle Level Flashcards


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