HSPT Verbal Skills Review Course

HSPT Verbal Skills Study Guide

60 multiple choice questions at 16 minutes timed test using a #2 pencil

This section is part of the “cognitive skills” testing portion and will measure your performance in language, reading and areas within social studies. Its main purpose is to test how well you perform tasks related to using words. Hence, verbal skills is further broken down into the following subsections:

Analogy11 items; in this section you want to determine how two words are related.

Logic12 items; you will be given three statements. It is your job to determine if the third statement is true, false, or uncertain based on the truth of the first two statements.

Verbal Classification16 items; you will be given four answers and asked to identify which one of the four that does not belong with the others.

Synonyms11 items; tests your knowledge of vocabulary, specifically a word or pair of words that means exactly or nearly the same.

Antonyms10 items; also tests your knowledge of vocabulary. You will look for words or word pairs that are opposite in meaning.

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