HSPT Reading Comprehension Review Course

HSPT Reading Comprehension Study Guide

62 multiple choice questions @ 25 minutes timed test using a #2 pencil

This part of the test will focus on all aspects of reading. You can expect to see questions pertaining to recalling main ideas of passages (comprehension) as well as recalling details and understanding vocabulary.

Comprehension40 items; the following will be tested in this section: vocabulary in context, literal comprehension (details and cause/effect), inferential comprehension (main idea or title, drawing conclusions, reasoning, implied characteristics), critical comprehension (author purpose, compare/contrast, author’s qualifications, predictions and fact vs. fiction). Try to focus on opening and closing sentences of each paragraph to comprehend the main idea. Pay attention to key words and use context clues. As you go through the questions, consider eliminating the answers that do not relate so that you can focus on remaining possible choices. This will help in managing your time.

Vocabulary22 items; you want to grasp meaning from context and understand multi-meaning words. So, when studying for this section of the test practice developing word awareness. Use context clues and word parts (prefixes, suffixes and root words). Try to keep a dictionary handy. Make studying words and meanings fun by playing word games.

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