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Mathematics Section:

64 multiple choice questions @ 45 minutes timed test using a #2 pencil; NO calculators allowed

The mathematics test will focus on arithmetic, problem-solving, algebra and geometry (which includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, evens and odds, prime numbers, percents, square of a number, exponents, roots and averages). The purpose is to measure how well you can apply math concepts by solving problems and performing arithmetic operations. Understanding basic concepts is absolutely necessary. Most of the arithmetic questions require you to perform more than one step, testing a range of skills. Think about tricks and shortcuts you learned over the years like recalling “order of operations”. The following is a breakdown of this portion of the test: conceptual, procedural and applications.

Conceptual14 items; consists of testing your knowledge of certain concepts by asking questions related to the following: numbers/numeration, measurements, geometry, algebra and stats/probability.

Procedural28 items; measures your ability to perform in the following areas: numbers/numeration, measurements, geometry, algebra and stats/probability.

Applications22 items; how well do you apply math concepts in the following areas: numbers/numeration, measurements, geometry, algebra and stats/probability.

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Quantitative Skills Section:

52 multiple choice questions @ 30 minutes timed test using a #2 pencil

Quantitative Skills focuses on your skills in mathematics (including number series, geometric comparison, non-geometric comparison and number manipulation), science and other areas that deal with numbers. How well do you solve reasoning problems that involve numbers and quantities?

Sequence22 items; when solving sequence problems, focus on identifying and recognizing a pattern. You will be given a set of numbers and asked to choose the one that logically fits the pattern or sequence. Remember, the numbers can include both negative and positive numbers, so concentrate on understanding the question in its entirety.

Reasoning13 items; reasoning involves bringing together a series of skills you learned over time to solve a problem. You may find it to be complicated, involving several steps. Take your time to understand and evaluate each problem before choosing the correct answer.

Geometric Comparison8 items; you will use your geometry skills to find the best answer in comparing geometric shapes and shaded areas. Pay close attention to each multiple choice answer since it will involve using a multi-step solution to come up with the best answer.

Non-Geometric Comparison9 items; this section of the test involves using your math skills to compare and solve multi-step equations that do not involve geometry. Both the equations and answers involve complex problem-solving, so be sure to take your time to understand what is being asked..

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