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60 multiple choice questions @ 25 minutes timed test using a #2 pencil

This section of the test will measure your knowledge of grammar and writing mechanics by testing you in the following categories: punctuation, capitalization, spelling, usage and composition.

Punctuation11 items; you will be asked to identify punctuation errors. Remember, punctuation is what we use to build sentences. It is made up of signs and symbols that show us how to read these sentences. Commonly used punctuation includes the period, comma, semicolon, colon, question mark, exclamation point, dash, hyphen, quotation marks, brackets, parentheses, apostrophe, quotation marks and ellipsis.

Capitalization3 items; we capitalize the first word of a sentence, titles and proper nouns. In this section, you will be asked to identify the capitalization error. Keep in mind, there may not be an error so read carefully.

Spelling10 items; try to remember basic spelling rules you learned in class such as “i before e, except after c”. When studying, keep a dictionary handy for reference (remember you will not be allowed to use one during the test). Also, make sure you understand prefixes and suffixes.

Usage26 items; this section will ask you to identify correct and incorrect usage of words including nouns/pronouns, verbs/adjectives/adverbs and other parts of speech. Make sure to study the parts of speech and to be able to identify each so that you are familiar with this portion of the language test.

Composition10 items; will test your knowledge in formulating and communicating written language. Applying all the rules of the above language subsections will be very helpful in successfully answering composition questions.

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