GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice Test

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The GRE Verbal Reasoning section evaluates your reading comprehension, text completion, and sentence equivalence skills. To help you prepare for this section of the GRE, this page contains everything you need to know, including what topics are covered, how many questions there are, and how you can study effectively.

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What’s on the GRE Verbal Reasoning Test?

SectionQuestionsTime Limit
Section 11218 minutes
Section 21523 minutes

There are three types of verbal reasoning questions.

  1. Text Completion (TC): You must fill in the blank with the correct vocabulary word; however, some sentences may have multiple blanks, and some questions may ask you to fill in blanks spread out over an entire paragraph.
  2. Sentence Equivalence (SE): You must choose two words that would both logically complete the sentence (no partial credit, unfortunately).
  3. Reading Comprehension (RC): These questions deal with specific reading passages, which can be fewer than 100 words or as long as 450 words. The passages cover topics from multiple fields, such as science, literary critique, and social sciences. You should at least be familiar enough with these subjects to understand the questions being asked.

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How many questions are on the Verbal Reasoning test?


There are 20 questions on each section of the test, which means there is a total of 40 questions.


How long is the Verbal Reasoning test?


The test is timed at 30 minutes per section, giving you a total of 1 hour to complete the test.


What is a passing score for the Verbal Reasoning test?


There is no set passing score for the test.


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