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GRE Study Book Customer Success Stories

Our customers love the tutorial videos from Mometrix Academy that we have incorporated into our GRE test study guide. The GRE prep book reviews below are examples of customer experiences.

I love the layout of this study guide. It is not overwhelming and/or so thick that you feel it is an impossible task to prepare. The simplicity of the language and the format for breaking up sections. I love the examples that "walks me through" the process of getting the correct answer. Even though I have not watched all of them - I do like the video resource for even more insight. I have finally found a study guide that I can work with and use.

GRE Study Book – Customer

I have been using this book and the associated Flashcards for almost a week now and they have honestly been great! I wish I had used this companies book and flashcards many moons ago when I took the SAT and ACT. The tips, tricks and questions in this are absolutely phenomenal. From what Ive found online these questions are worded almost identical to those on the exam and what makes it better is that there are so many questions in this book...and don't even get me started on the essay prompts. As much as everyone hates responding to standardized essay prompts these (of the two that I have gotten to so far) were not only interesting but also pushed my creative edge to think outside the box. Although I have not made it through the whole book yet, as it is quite lengthy, I feel strongly at this point that this will prepare me in the best way possible!

GRE Study Book – Chris

Succinct and to-the-point, this study guide is meant for those like myself who know the advanced math, English, etc. but who have never learned proper study techniques and strategies. Rather than rehash the entirety of every tested subject (Most SAT/ACT test primers I've seen years ago have done this.), Mometrix's study guide builds upon the test taker's knowledge with only the core concepts which are most easily overlooked during test-time; the majority of the guide is devoted to outlining the key structure of the GRE and the best study practices to get the best score possible. In short, this is the study guide for the aspiring grad student looking for the most efficient means of test-preparation.

GRE Study Book – Dylan

I was highly recommended this book by 3 of my friends to use for GRE studying and test preparation. Looking through this study guide I feel it will be everything I need to prepare for the GRE. I look forward to using this book. I do want to say that I really like the fact that this books has pieces and parts throughout the book of Review videos that I can use to refresh my memory on some of the concepts when studying especially the mathematics sections. That is very helpful.

GRE Study Book – Alisha

I found this book very helpful in preparing myself to take the GRE. The chapters are very easy to read and interpret, plus videos are also provided (codes are in the book to access them) to accommodate all types of learning styles. My main concern taking the GRE is the math section. Not only does this book provide great review material but also useful strategies to apply to the test. Also, the practice tests are challenging which will help you figure out which areas you need to focus on. I feel much more confident now after using this study guide for a month and a half. I recommend this book for anyone in need of a worthy study guide for the GRE.

GRE Study Book – Nadya

Finding the right study aid can feel like almost as big of a task as actually studying. But now that you’ve found this guide, you don't’ have to look any more. This guide has all of the details in it that you need in order to do well on the test. The guide also has great information on test taking and studying so you can pick up some extra tips there as well. Those things work well on any test and not just this one. Use this study guide to its fullest and you will see how helpful it is.

GRE Study Book – Luke

Before I bought this book, my GRE score was 1000, and that was studying with a well known, expensive study guide. After buying and using this book, my GRE score was 1380. I went from not being admitted to my nurse pracitioner program to being accepted with a full financial fellowship and admission to not only the master's program, but the PhD program. This effective, affordable study tool truly had a significant positive impact in my career.

GRE Study Book – Jes

This is the third time I am buying one of Mometrix series. I just love them in their greatness. These preparatory materials are extremely competitive and in several respects unrivaled given their coverage of the subject matter. I find them thorough or exhaustive in pointing out what matters in the exam. I count them good guides and I am using them.

GRE Study Book – Joseph

I have been out of school for a while, and am now thinking of going back to get a higher degree. Of course I would have to take a test to get back into school. I've been a little nervous about it. But after using this book (over and over again) I feel I'm nearly ready. This book is well laid back and easy to comprehend. I would suggest it for anyone planning to get back out there and go back to school!

GRE Study Book – denz3

So far I am extremely pleased. I am up to page 78. I only have another week to study, so I am a little nervous, but am diligently making my way through the guide. In general it's wonderful. I like the double spacing and concise approach. I haven't looked yet, but i hope there is a bonus of equations (quadratic, linear, etc) that I can print out. I am happy to have the vocabulary that i printed out. The online video support is great. The bonus material (vocabulary, prefixes) is terrific. I also like the fact that the book is short, so I will have time for a second reading before taking the test.

GRE Study Book – Customer

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