GED Math Practice Test 1

The GED is a test that is used as a replacement for a high school diploma. Some people were not suited for high school, but still need the equivalent of a high school diploma to show that they are capable of the same work as a high school graduate. This is why the GED was created. The GED consists of five different sections: Math; Social Studies; Science; Reading; as well as Writing. The 90 minute Math portion is made up of 80 percent multiple-choice questions and 20 percent constructed response questions that are spread among four main content areas. These content areas are as follows: Number operations and number sense; Measurement and Geometry; Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability; as well as Algebra, Functions, and Patterns. To aid you in passing the GED, we have created the free GED Math practice test.

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by Mometrix Test Preparation | Last Updated: February 19, 2014