GED Math Practice Test

The Mathematical Reasoning section of the GED tests your ability to solve algebraic and quantitative problems. To help you prepare for this section of the GED, this page contains everything you need to know, including what topics are covered, how many questions there are, and how you can study effectively.

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What’s on the GED Math Test?

test outline for the GED Mathematics Reasoning test, which has a time limit of 115 minutes

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GED Math Fact Sheets

GED Math Fact Sheets



Who is eligible to take the GED Math Test?

You are eligible to take the GED Math test if you meet the following requirements:

  • You are at least 16 years old
  • You are not enrolled in high school
  • You have not graduated from high school
  • You meet all of your state’s additional requirements

How many questions are on the GED Math Test?

The GED Math Test contains 46 questions. Some question types include multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, hot spot, and fill-in-the-blank.

How long is the GED Math Test?

The GED Math Test is 115 minutes (1 hour and 55 minutes).

What type of math is on the GED Test?

The mathematical reasoning section of the GED test consists of two types of problems, quantitative problem-solving and algebraic problem-solving.

How much is the GED Math Test?

In most states, the GED Math test is $30 or less. Students are encouraged to check out the GED website for their state’s prices.

Can you use a calculator on the GED Math Test?

On the first section of the GED Math Test, you are not allowed to use a calculator. For the second section, you may use a calculator. Please note that you must bring your own TI-30XS calculator.

How many questions can you miss on the GED Math Test?

The GED scoring system is complex, so one question doesn’t always equal one point. Some questions are fill in the blank or multiple select, where you must select multiple answers, which means multiple points. There is no exact number of questions you can miss and still pass, but, according to the GED Testing Service, you need approximately 60%-65% of your points to pass.

How many times can you retake the GED Math Test?

There are no restrictions on how many times you can retake the GED Math Test. Generally, you can take the GED 3 times, and after the 3rd attempt, you have to wait 60 days.

What do you have to score to pass the GED Math Test?

To pass the GED Math Test, you must earn a score of at least 145. The highest score is 164, and anything below 145 is considered failing.


by Mometrix Test Preparation | This Page Last Updated: January 13, 2023