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The Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) certification examination was designed by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) to provide board certification for individuals who are interested in becoming certified Family Nurse Practitioners. The FNP certification exam is a competency-based, entry-level exam that assesses test-takers’ knowledge in a variety of relevant clinical areas, ranging from prenatal to elderly primary care. As such, the exam determines individuals’ clinical knowledge and skills necessary to be a successful, certified nurse practitioner and earn the FNP-BC credential.

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What are the eligibility requirements to take the FNP exam?

  • A current, active RN license from a state or territory of the United States.  (See the ANCC website for requirements for candidates outside the U.S.)
  • A master’s, postgraduate, or doctorate degree from an accredited family nurse practitioner program.  The program must include a minimum of 500 supervised clinical hours.
  • Comprehensive graduate-level courses in each of the following:  advanced physiology/pathophysiology, advanced health assessment, and advanced pharmacology.
  • Instruction in health promotion and/or maintenance and differential diagnosis and disease management.

How do I register to take the exam?

To register for the exam, an account must be created at the ANA Enterprise website.  Once an account is created, all transcripts and a Validation of Education Form signed by a faculty member must be submitted.

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What is the cost of the exam?

Exam pricing is as follows:  Non-member $395; American Nurses Association member $295; American Association of Nurse Practitioners member $340; American Association of Nurse Practitioners student member $290.

When and where do I take the exam?

Once an application is accepted, the candidate can schedule to sit for the FNP exam during a 90-day window at a location and time that is convenient for them.  The exams are taken at Prometric testing centers located throughout the United States and certain countries throughout the world.

What can I expect the day of the exam? 

A valid form of identification is required at check-in.  A locker will be provided for all personal items.  No personal items are allowed in the testing area, including cell phones, food, and water.  Enhanced security measures are in place to preserve the integrity of the exam.  The Prometric website details these security measures.  The testing center will provide you with a dry-erase board for note taking during the exam.  Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled testing time.

What is the format of the exam?

The FNP exam is a computer-based exam consisting of 175 questions.

What is the time allowance to complete the exam?

The exam must be completed within 3.5 hours.

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What content is covered on the exam?

The 150 test questions on the FNP exam evaluate the candidate’s knowledge and skills in four content domains.  Thirty-one questions fall into the Assessment category comprising 21% of the exam.  Thirty-nine questions fall into the Diagnosis category comprising 26% of the exam.  The largest percentage of questions (43%) come from the Clinical Management category with 65 questions.  Fifteen questions come from the Professional Role category comprising 10% of the exam.

How is the exam scored? 

Of the 175 questions on the exam, 150 are scored.  The remaining 25 questions are pretest questions that are not included in the final test score.  There is no indication of which questions are scored and which questions are pretest, so all questions should be answered to the best of your ability.  Final scores are reported as pass or fail.  Candidates are not penalized for wrong answers.

When will I receive my test results?

Test results will be provided at the test center upon completion of the exam, indicating either a pass or fail.  Your certificate will be mailed to you approximately 4 weeks after your test date.

What if a passing score is not achieved?

If a passing score is not achieved, the applicant can retest after 60 days.  There is a 5-day waiting period after the test to apply for a retest date.  The FNP exam may not be taken more than 3 times in a 12-month period.  The retest fee is $270.  Candidates not achieving a passing score will be provided with diagnostic information for each content domain of the exam, so they are aware of where to focus their further study efforts.

What credential is received by passing the exam?

All candidates who successfully complete the Family Nurse Practitioner Exam is awarded the credential Family Nurse Practitioner-Board Certified (FNP-BC).

How long is the credential valid?

The credential is valid for 5 years.  The credential is renewed by maintaining a current license and completing the required continuing education hours.

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