DANB Infection Control Exam Practice Test

The Infection Control Exam (ICE) is provided by the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) and designed to test participants’ knowledge about the prevention and management of potential infection during dental procedures.

The ICE exam is an integral part of receiving National Entry Level Dental Assistant (NELDA), certified dental assistant (CDA) and certified ophthalmic assistant (COA) certification.


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Am I Eligible to Take the ICE Exam?

The ICE exam has no eligibility requirements and anyone is free to apply at any time.

How Do I Apply for the ICE Exam and When Can I Get My Score?

Interested applicants for the ICE exam can apply through an automated system on the DANB website. They will first be prompted to create a username and password account. Once an applicant submits their applications, documentation and fees, a one- to two-week processing period begins. Then, a “test admission notice” with instructions to schedule the ICE exam is provided. Finally, a 60-day testing window opens in which applicants can schedule their exam appointment and take the exam. Preliminary exam results are provided following the exam and official exam results and certificates are provided two to three weeks after the exam date.

How Much Does the ICE Exam Cost?

The ICE exam fee is $250.

How Is the ICE Exam Administered?

The DANB uses “computer adaptive testing” to administer all of its exams. This means that participants will be provided an item at a difficulty level around the ICE exam’s pass point. If the participant answers this item correctly, the next item they are presented with will be a little more difficult. If the participant answers this item incorrectly, the next item they are presented with will be a little easier to answer.

Every participant will be given the same amount of questions from each content area of the exam. Their ultimate score will be determined by the difficulty of the questions they answered, as opposed to a specific number of questions. The average participant is supposed to answer slightly more than 50 percent of the questions correctly and slightly less than 50 percent of the questions incorrectly. The philosophy behind this style of testing is that it should most accurately determine a participant’s aptitude.

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How Is the Content on the ICE Exam Divided?

The ICE exam totals 100 questions. Participants are given 75 minutes total for the exam, plus an additional five minutes of tutorial time and five more minutes of comment time. The exam is divided into four domains, each of which constitutes a different percentage of the total exam and covers different specific content areas, per DANB:

Domain One: Standard Precautions and the Prevention of Disease Transmission (20 percent of total exam)

  • Recognizing infectious disease
  • Demonstrating understanding of how to review a medical history
  • Demonstrate understanding of proper hand hygiene
  • Describing how to protect a patient and operator using personal protective equipment
  • Demonstrating an understanding of how to protect a patient and operator through the reduction of aerosol, droplets and spatter

Domain Two: Prevent Cross-Contamination During Procedures (34 percent of total exam)

  • Demonstrating an understanding of how to maintain aseptic conditions to prevent cross-contamination for procedures and services

Domain Three: Instrument/Device Processing (26 percent of total exam)

  • Demonstrating an understanding of processing reusable dental instruments and devices
  • Demonstrating an understanding of how to monitor and maintain processing equipment and sterilizers

Domain Four: Occupational Safety/Administrative Protocols (20 percent of total exam)

  • Demonstrating an understanding of occupational safety standards and guidelines for personnel
  • Demonstrating an understanding of how to maintain and document programs/policies for infection control and safety

How Can I Get a Passing Score on the ICE Exam?

The ICE exam consists of a diverse set of domains all focused on critical, industry-specific knowledge necessary to prove aptitude in the dental and ophthalmic field. As such, a deep level of familiarity with the content is necessary for a candidate to pass. Additionally, the computer adaptive testing nature of the ICE exam requires participants to be able to answer increasingly difficult questions around this content area in order to pass.

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