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Ace the DANB Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) exam by the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB)

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Patient Management and Administration

Chairside Dentistry

Dental Materials

Course Outline
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5 Secret Keys to CDA Exam Success5 Topics
Lesson Content
Secret Key #1: Plan Big, Study Small
Secret Key #2: Make Your Studying Count
Secret Key #3: Practice the Right Way
Study Key #4: Pace Yourself
Study Key #5: Have a Plan for Guessing
Test-Taking Strategies3 Topics
Lesson Content
Question Strategies
Answer Choice Strategies
General Strategies
Patient Preparation and Documentation11 Topics
Lesson Content
Preliminary Physical Exam Part 1
Preliminary Physical Exam Part 2
Oral and Facial Anatomy, Physiology, and Development
Dental Anatomy, Physiology, and Development
Diagnostic Aids
Emergency Procedures and Equipment
Medical Conditions and Associated Dental Concerns
Infections, Viruses, and Dental Emergencies
Substance Use
Drugs and Drug-Induced Emergencies
Patient Management and Administrative Duties9 Topics
Lesson Content
Patient Management and Communication
Oral Health Information
Aids and Brushing Techniques
Proper Care of Patients and for Appliances
Reception, Communication and Accounting
Legal Records
Legal Responsibilities and Regulations Part 1
Legal Responsibilities and Regulations Part 2
Maintaining and Controlling Supplies and Equipment
Four-Handed Chairside Dentistry9 Topics
Lesson Content
Four-Handed Dentistry Techniques
Biting Forces, Instruments, and Cavity Preparation
Amalgam Restorations, Composite Restorations, and Veneers
Other Restorations and Dental Dams
Topical Fluoride Application, Armamentarium for Various Procedures, and Coronal Polish
Different Agents, Enamel Sealants, and Sutures
Impressions and Oral Surgery
Pain Management for Dental Procedures
Dental Conditions/Emergencies
Diagnostic/Laboratory Procedures and Dental Materials5 Topics
Lesson Content
General Dental Materials
Impression Materials and Procedures
Restorative Dental Materials and Procedures Part 1
Restorative Dental Materials and Procedures Part 2
Laboratory Materials and Procedures
Purpose and Technique16 Topics
Lesson Content
Purposes of Radiographic Images
Surveys Used for Specific Conditions and Landmarks
Patient History
Intraoral and Extraoral Techniques Part 1
Intraoral and Extraoral Techniques Part 2
Digital Imaging Techniques
Purpose and Maintenance of Radiographic Equipment
Patient Management
Anatomical Structures and Dental Materials Observed on Images
Periodontal Disease and Bone Loss
Dental Caries and Abscesses
Cysts, Abnormalities, and Salivary Stones
Diagnostically Acceptable Images
Radiographic Errors
Preparing Images for Legal Requirements, Viewing, Duplication, and Transfer
Radiation Safety6 Topics
Lesson Content
Factors Affecting X-Ray Production and X-Radiation Characteristics Part 1
Factors Affecting X-Ray Production and X-Radiation Characteristics Part 2
X-Radiation Physics
X-Radiation Biology
Patient/Operator Exposure to Radiation and Radiation Safety
Protocols for Informed Consent and X-Ray Machine Malfunction
Infection Prevention and Control2 Topics
Lesson Content
Standard Precautions for Equipment and Supplies
Standard Precautions for Patients and Operators
Standard Precautions and Prevention of Disease Transmission8 Topics
Lesson Content
Infectious Disease and Bacteria
Microorganisms and Tuberculosis
Hepatitis, HIV, and Defenses Against Infection
Need for Immunization
Preventing Adverse Reactions
Hand Hygiene
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Protecting the Patient and the Operator
Prevent Cross-Contamination During Procedures3 Topics
Lesson Content
Maintaining Aseptic Conditions Part 1
Maintaining Aseptic Conditions Part 2
Disposing of Biohazard Materials
Instrument/Device Processing3 Topics
Lesson Content
Processing Reusable Instruments Part 1
Processing Reusable Instruments Part 2
Monitor and Maintain Sterilization Devices
Occupational Safety/Administrative Protocols4 Topics
Lesson Content
Infection Control and CDC Recommendations
Labeling Chemicals, Safety Data Sheets, and Emergency Action Plans
DANB CDA Course Feedback
Guide to Effective Studying6 Topics
Lesson Content
Where and How to Study
Scheduling Study Time
Reading Methods
Taking Notes
Exam Day
How to Overcome Test Anxiety
DANB CDA Flashcards

Practice Tests

Practice Test 1
DANB CDA Practice Test 1 General Chairside Exam
DANB CDA Practice Test 1 Radiation Health and Safety Exam
DANB CDA Practice Test 1 Infection Control Exam
Practice Test 2
DANB CDA Practice Test 2 General Chairside Exam
DANB CDA Practice Test 2 Radiation Health and Safety Exam
DANB CDA Practice Test 2 Infection Control Exam
Practice Test 3
DANB CDA Practice Test 3 General Chairside Exam
DANB CDA Practice Test 3 Radiation Health and Safety Exam
DANB CDA Practice Test 3 Infection Control Exam
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DANB CDA Prep Course by Mometrix



  • Preliminary examination
  • Head, neck, and oral cavity
  • Charting the conditions of the oral cavity

Patient Management and Administration

  • Patient management
  • Oral health education
  • Legal record maintenance

Chairside Dentistry

  • Transfer instruments, maintaining the field of operation
  • Intraoral procedures and armamentarium
  • Bleaching and whitening

Dental Materials

  • Impression materials and procedures
  • Operative materials and procedures
  • Laboratory materials and procedures


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