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Mometrix empowers you to take the next step. Whether you’re facing the next step in your education, your career, or your life, standardized tests can stand in the way. That’s where we come in. We want to help you get past your standardized test and onto whatever your next step might be.

Mometrix Test Preparation was founded in 2002. Since then, we’ve helped over 12 million people ace their exams and take their next steps. In 2019, we created Mometrix online courses to provide our customers with instant access to online prep products.

Our Team

Matthew Bowling

Executive Managing Partner

Matthew has worked at Mometrix since 2007 and currently serves as the Executive Managing Partner. He holds degrees from Texas A&M University in Industrial Engineering. Matthew’s experience at Mometrix is used to help departments collaborate thoughtfully, identifying and avoiding potential pitfalls. He especially enjoys building sustainable systems, maintaining data hygiene, and adapting to an ever-changing business environment. With his wife and four school-aged children, he enjoys traveling, Legos, and participating in the worship and work of his local church.

Peter Rench

Executive Partner, Product Development

Peter has been with Mometrix since 2009, and during that time he has overseen the development of hundreds of new test prep products and the implementation of countless quality improvements to Mometrix content. Peter’s background in mechanical engineering gives him a unique perspective on product development and product efficiency. As Executive Partner, Product Development, Peter puts his unique skill set to use solving problems and improving content. When he is not at work, Peter enjoys spending time with his wife and five children and playing basketball and ultimate Frisbee.

Eric Manthei

Executive Partner, Operations

Eric’s path to Mometrix was an adventure that included stops working in applied economic research and managing restaurants. He joined the team in 2011 as an assistant to the Executive Managing Partner, Matthew Bowling. However, as the company grew in complexity, so did Eric’s role. Now the Executive Partner, Operations, Eric oversees our digital footprint. When not hard at work, Eric can be found spending time with his family, eating cheeseburgers, or doing both at once.

Jay Willis

Executive Partner, Sales

Jay joined Mometrix as Executive Partner, Sales in 2009. With over 20 years of sales experience, Jay is dedicated to providing the highest-quality experience for customers. His friendly and outgoing nature, coupled with his sales and marketing expertise, has resulted in many institutional relationships that Mometrix values greatly. Jay is a graduate of Northwest Missouri State University and lives with his wife and three children. One of Jay’s passions is raising money and awareness for neuromuscular disease through his work with the MDA.

Eric Richter

Education Product Development Manager

Eric is the Product Development Manager responsible for developing and updating the Mometrix Teacher Certification and K-12 products. Eric loves that he is constantly learning at Mometrix. His time spent as a case manager for adults with intellectual disabilities and as a coach for adult English language learners gave him a passion for helping others. Eric has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a master’s of education in Teaching ESOL. He enjoys spending time with his wife and two dogs and learning new skills such as coffee roasting, woodworking, and photography.

Tim Onken

Math & Science Product Development Manager

Tim loves learning. While he has a deeper understanding and passion for mathematics, physics, and the hard sciences, he is also fascinated by linguistics, psychology, architecture, music, economics, and history. Growing up overseas, Tim had an early exposure to a variety of cultures, languages, traditions, and cuisines. Tim puts all his miscellaneous expertise to good use in working to develop and update test prep for exams from many fields. Tim utilizes his unique skill set to review the quality control process and ensure the necessary updates are implemented.

Kate Nockunas

Nursing and Medical Specialist

Kate has been Mometrix’s Nursing and Medical Editor for over four years. She has a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Vanderbilt University, a bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Marymount University, and a master’s degree in Education from Johns Hopkins. Kate is a critical care registered nurse who still works occasionally in the ICU and PACU. She combines her love for education and healthcare by preparing individuals in these fields for important certifications. Kate is an avid runner and skier and loves spending time with her husband, daughter, and dogs.

Kaily House

Managing Editor

Kaily has a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s in Business Administration. Her primary role at Mometrix is to edit all of the content that goes into the courses. Since joining Mometrix in 2019, she has edited over 6,000 pages of educational material. When editing, Kaily keeps the customer in mind and aims for Mometrix’s material to be helpful and easy to understand. In her free time, Kaily enjoys running, painting, and spending time with family and friends. Like most editors, she also enjoys writing, particularly science fiction and fantasy.

Aaron Lanni

English and Reading Content Coordinator

As a former high school teacher, Aaron has spent the past 4 years at Mometrix using his teaching experiences to create a wide range of accessible educational materials. Aaron’s main focus is managing a team of content writers, but he also spends time proofreading, producing educational videos, and editing audio content. Aaron’s creativity and attention to detail can be seen in all of his projects, no matter the subject. In his off time, Aaron enjoys composing music, studying linguistics, and spending time outdoors.

Alli Burnett

Math Content Coordinator

Alli graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Mathematics in 2020 and is our resident math expert. She uses her passion for math to help create and edit math content that is understandable and enjoyable for learners at any level. She helps create instructional content, practice questions, and videos. If you take any course with math content, you’ll likely see Alli cheerfully working through problems in the videos. In her free time, Alli enjoys playing board games, baking, spending time with her friends, and helping her church.

Amber Pippins

Course Development Manager

Amber uses her master’s degree in Biology to review and improve science content, making it comprehensive and accessible for every learning level. Additionally, Amber works to create, maintain, and format Mometrix online courses. This can involve anything from uploading new content to catching mistakes and glitches. With her keen attention to detail and encouraging attitude, she helps her team members give customers the highest quality products possible. Amber spends her weekends traveling and playing tennis with her husband.


Course Development Manager

James has a bachelor’s degree in Finance and eight years of experience at Mometrix. He is in charge of course creation and uses his extensive knowledge of the catalog and acute attention to detail to ensure the courses are the highest quality they can be. He uses his skills in Microsoft Excel and database management to manage the process for course creation. Everyone at Mometrix knows that James is the man to ask for anything course-related. In his off time, James likes to spend time with friends, play games, and read books.

Emma Cooper

Course Development Associate

Emma’s meticulous attention to detail and love for her job drive her to deliver the best she can for Mometrix customers. She uploads practice tests, categorizes questions, audits videos, and performs quality control. No matter what task she is given, Emma faces it with enthusiasm, always leaving a project better than she found it. In her free time, Emma loves running 5ks, learning about chemistry, singing at her church, and cooking healthy meals for her family.

Matt Lanni

Design Admin

Since joining Mometrix in 2017, Matthew has become our resident expert at various tools such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Airtable, and he uses these tools to oversee the creation of graphics for Mometrix products. In addition to his design work, Matthew has also created and maintained the database that houses all the video content produced by Mometrix. When not at work, you can find Matthew mowing his lawn, enjoying a podcast, or thinking about the fact that a pack of 52 cards is never shuffled the same way twice.

Meghan Havard

Marketing Coordinator

Meghan graduated with a BBA in Marketing in May of 2023. She uses her marketing background to advertise products and improve the Mometrix brand. Meghan spends her day working on email campaigns, talking with affiliates, and filming TikToks. When she’s not at work, Meghan loves to spend time with her family, walk her dog, and cook.

Alex Exum

Marketing Manager

Alex has a bachelor’s degree in Finance and has worked for Mometrix since 2014. Alex manages the front end of the Mometrix online courses website, and he always keeps the end customer in mind when designing a new page or feature. His role at Mometrix involves collecting customer feedback, building new course features, and launching new products. Alex enjoys the process of listening to customers and helping Mometrix meet their needs. In his free time, Alex enjoys watching football, learning new skills, and spending time with his wife.


Infrastructure Manager

Tucker has worked for Mometrix for several years as part of our Marketing team with a focus on our online presence. He has a background in psychology, customer service, sales, construction, and IT. Tucker’s main job is to keep Mometrix online courses up and running! Whenever something goes wrong, he’s the one to fix it. From writing new code, to making sure you can access your course, to fixing bugs and glitches, Tucker has a hand in it all. In his free time, Tucker enjoys spending time with his family, reading, playing board games, crafting in his shop, gardening, and raising rabbits.

Hannah Brown

Software Engineer

While earning her degree in Computer Science and Mathematics, Hannah worked as a peer tutor, helping others gain understanding in those subjects. Now, as a software developer, she applies that same dedication to helping others in her work. Whenever a frequent task, like uploading courses and practice tests, takes a long time to do, Hannah writes a script to make it faster and easier. She has saved the Mometrix team countless hours of work. When not programming, Hannah enjoys sewing and embroidery projects.

Hazen Johnson

Software Engineer

Hazen has a degree in Computer Science and years of programming experience. He ensures that Mometrix continues to run by maintaining servers, writing code, and doing any other technical work that’s needed. Whenever Mometrix online courses have any technical issues, Hazen is quick to fix them. To the rest of the Mometrix team, Hazen is not only easy to work with but also capable of working magic with a computer. When not enthusing about some obscure programming topic, Hazen occupies himself with baking and reading far too many novels.

Ryan Boyd

Customer Experience Manager

With over 15 years of customer service experience, Ryan leads our Customer Support team as they navigate the constantly evolving landscape of test preparation support. Ryan is passionate about all aspects of the customer experience and works hard with his team to constantly improve how customers interact with the company. Problem-solving is one of his favorite aspects of the job, and he enjoys the opportunity to work with other departments as well. In his free time, Ryan enjoys coffee, bourbon, podcasting, and spending time with his seemingly ever-growing family.

About Our Values

Continually Improved

We’ve worked with millions of students to develop the perfect test prep process. We improve our products by staying up-to-date with the latest test information and listening to customer feedback. Our product development team makes over 1,400 product updates every month to ensure our customers get the highest-quality study tools.

Always Affordable

Studying shouldn’t break the bank. That’s why we avoid the $200+ price tag of many test prep courses. Our subscription model allows you to pay for what you need and save money once you’re finished.

Never Overwhelming

Studying is stressful! We don’t want you to worry about anything other than what’s on your test. That’s why we design our courses to include only the essential ideas you need to know for your exam, without any fluff. That way, you have a step-by-step plan for acing your exam.

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