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With Mometrix online courses, your students will be well prepared to excel at their upcoming tests. We have helped millions achieve their very best in high school, university, grad school, and beyond. Now, you can bring the power of Mometrix online courses to all of your students at a remarkably affordable price.

With Mometrix, your students will have complete access to all of our resources related to their particular test. These include:

  • Detailed yet easy to understand instructional content
  • Flashcards that provide a thorough review of what students need to know for the test
  • Practice tests with detailed answer explanations so your students can know not only what questions they got wrong but why they got them wrong
  • Study tips and test-taking strategies that explain how to take a test strategically
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Our online educational materials are so effective that some schools use them not as a supplemental test preparation resource, but as their official instructional course. In addition, we provide online test prep for several of America’s largest universities and public libraries.

When you partner with Mometrix, you’ll have group management functionality in our online courses. Our group management features include:

  • Overall reports, so educators can see every student’s progress at once
  • Detailed quiz reports, where educators can see what questions each student got wrong and how much time they spent on them
  • The ability to re-assign lessons or tests to students or mark them complete
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Mometrix online courses are both comprehensive and extremely flexible. Whether you’re looking for a completely structured program or one where students can progress at their own pace, we have the solution. Contact Jay Willis or fill out the contact form below to let us know your needs, and we will provide you with a custom solution at an affordable price.

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