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Hello! And welcome to the mathematics page of the COMPASS preparation and review. Here you will find free helpful videos over the various basic mathematical application and analysis skills you will need to succeed on your COMPASS exam. The COMPASS exam is not timed, but it is very important to have a firm grasp on these skills in order to do well on the exam. New free video tutorials are added weekly, so be sure to like, share, and regularly stop by for more helpful content. Also, Mometrix offers valuable study guides and flashcards for the COMPASS exam. Links to these products are available under the products and services tab at the bottom of the page. Thank you, and good luck on your COMPASS exam.

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Math Basics

Lesson 1: Positives and Negatives

Lesson 2: Order of Operations/Evaluation

Lesson 3: Absolute Value

Lesson 4: Factors and Multiples


Lesson 1: Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Lesson 2: Operations with Fractions

Lesson 3: Operations with Mixed Numbers


Lesson 1: Decimal Concept

Lesson 2: Addition and Subtraction

Lesson 3: Multiplication and Division

Lesson 4: Scientific Notation

Expressions and Equations

Lesson 1: Variables and Expressions

Lesson 2: Beginning Equations

Lesson 3: Intermediate Equations

Lesson 4: Word Problems

Inequalities and Functions

Lesson 1: Inequalities

Lesson 2: Functions

Linear Equations and Systems of Equations

Lesson 1: Slope

Lesson 2: Slope-Intercept Form

Lesson 3: Writing Equations of Lines

Lesson 4: Systems of Equations

Exponents and Polynomials

Lesson 1: Exponent Rules

Lesson 2: Multiplying Polynomials

Factoring and Rational Expressions

Lesson 1: Factoring

Lesson 2: Polynomial Equations

Lesson 3: Rational Expressions


Lesson 1: Beginning Radicals

Lesson 2: Advanced Radicals

Ratio, Proportion, and Percent

Lesson 1: Ratios

Lesson 2: Proportion

Lesson 3: Percent Concept

Angles and Triangles

Lesson 1: Angles


Lesson 1: Similar Polygons

Right Triangles and Circles

Lesson 1: The Pythagorean Theroem

Lesson 2: Trigonometry

Lesson 3: Circles


Lesson 1: Perimeter, Area and Circumference

Lesson 2: Surface Area and Volume


Lesson 1: Central Tendency

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