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Featured Lecture: Adding and Subtracting Exponents

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ACT Study Guide Customer Success Stories

Our customers love the tutorial videos from Mometrix Academy that we have incorporated into our ACT test study guide. The ACT Secrets Study Guide reviews below are examples of customer experiences.

This guide is a must for anyone prepping for the ACT. First of all, this guide is a 2017 edition, so I know that it has the most up to date content. Many of the other guides that I saw were from last year and beyond, so this was a big deal to me. The guide is well written and easy to understand. It is also broken up into sections, so you can go right to the area that you want to focus on without having to do a ton of searching or reading the guide from cover to cover. This saved me a lot of time! There are a lot of practice questions that come with detailed answer explanations to help you get a good idea of what you’ll see on the real test. I thought that the practice questions were very similar to the real ones, so I felt more confident about my score. I would definitely recommend this guide to others.

ACT Study Guide – Frost

This book is such a great study guide for the ACT! it explains everything very well in each section, and it even includes a practice test which is awesome! it also includes videos you can watch which explains things step by step. I definitely recommend this book to study for the ACT.

ACT Study Guide – Customer

I received this study guide for ACT and have read through this as well as my son. I was amazed on how well this was put together and allowed my son to study for his ACT test. He felt this really helped him prep for the test! He and I both felt it was a easy read which assisted in retention of the information. I can tell you I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book!! He felt very confident going into the test and is very confident he did well when taking the test!
This is a MUST buy if you want to prep your child for the ACT exam!

ACT Study Guide – Saluki

My son loves it. It is preparing him real well for the ACT. The book is very detailed yet precise.

ACT Study Guide – King

A very complete book. I really like this book. Very complete content. It also helped me to understand better some new terms and words. I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

ACT Study Guide – PrinceLizz05

This review is a very easy, quick, and helpful way to review for this difficult exam. The information is to the point and very understandable. This is a great buy and a great study tool.

ACT Study Guide – Rafaelov

This is a nice study item for the ACT. I really liked the Appendix. It provides a great quick reference guide. The “secret keys” are helpful as well. It is easy to use.

ACT Study Guide – Meadows

This study guide gives you a complete review of all topics including access codes to video tutorials!! There is also a practice test included along with test taking tips and strategies that are invaluable!! I am currently studying for another test and the strategies are helping me be successful 😀

ACT Study Guide – DAVALYN

I love this company. I bought the Mometrix guide to study for my TEAS test and it helped more than the manual put out by the company who gives the test, so when my husband had to take the ACT, he used this. While he used other things in addition to this book, he said that this book was not only excellent on testing content, but has easy codes to videos to help clarify things that may not click in Text. The practice tests are invaluable. After each of our experiences with this company, I wouldn’t hesitate to include whatever study material they provide for any test I need to take. Also, if you have to ever deal with customer service, they honestly are amazing.

ACT Study Guide – Hallzies

This study tool is well organized, as well as easy to read and understand. It does a great job of preparing you for the ACT with examples and practice problems!!

ACT Study Guide – Hannah

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