CBEST Reading Practice Test

There’s a lot to learn in order to work in the public school system. You’ve spent years dedicating your focus to your educational training, all so you can earn the credentials you’ll need to officially become a teaching professional. However, earning your certification requires more than simply taking the required courses. The state of California expects all incoming teachers to take and pass the CBEST, also known as the California Basic Educational Skills Test.

The purpose of the CBEST is to evaluate whether you’ve obtained all the skills necessary to lead a public school classroom, according to the standards set by the Californian government. By demonstrating your mastery over these skills, you will prove you are ready and capable of meeting your future students’ academic needs. If you do not score well on the CBEST, you cannot earn your certification and begin your teaching career.

CBEST Reading Practice Test


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CBEST Test Overview

The exam focuses on three core subjects: Writing, Mathematics, and Reading. You can expect for the exam to last about four hours total, with no restrictions toward just how much time you can devote to each area of the exam. While this presents you with the benefit of taking as much time as you need to finish the most challenging parts of the exam, you should be careful not to invest so much time that you are unable to finish the test in its entirety.

The Reading subtest is very similar to other reading tests you may have taken in the past, in that you will be presented with several reading passages and expected to answer questions about their content. The passages are kept short, and should span no longer than 200 words. However, the test will also be around 50 questions in length, all of which are multiple choice. You may also be given graphical data to analyze alongside the text. We have put together this web page to help you prepare for the CBEST Reading exam as thoroughly as possible. Here you will find more information on how this subtest is set up, as well as resources to help you further as you study.

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The Reading portion of the CBEST exam is meant to gauge not just your reading comprehension abilities, but your critical thinking skills as well. As far as content, you can expect the majority of exam questions (60 percent) to center around reading comprehension. The remainder of the exam (40 percent) will involve critical thinking. We will go over these parts of the exam in more detail below.

  • Comprehension and Research focuses on your capability to read and utilize written information. Questions under this category may also feature other forms of data, such as graphs and charts, and will divide further into two subcategories:
    • Research and Reference Skills is where you’ll find the majority of the test’s use of graphical data. Questions under this category will generally present you with reading passages and other information, which you will then have to evaluate in order to make logical inferences. You will also have to display your comprehension of the ways an author may organize their work, as well as how to pinpoint where certain details may be located within a selection.
    • Comprehension and Context centers on the surface aspects of reading. You will be expected to think about words within the text—what they mean and why they may have been chosen instead of a synonymous word. You will also have to glean central ideas within the work and create summaries in the form of short outlines, and distinguish between broad and detailed ideas.
  • Critical Analysis and Evaluation deals primarily with assessing whether you can read a written work and figure out its meaning as well as the intentions of the author. These abilities are also known as “close reading.” Questions under this category will require you to glean certain details within a work and answer questions about how these details affect the way the work can be interpreted. You will have to consider tone; the central themes of a work and the various rhetorical devices the author uses to build up these concepts; the audience the work has been written for; the exact stance an author has taken toward a work; and similar concepts. You may also be given two passages at once and have to answer questions requiring you to measure the two passages against each other.

In order to pass this important exam, you will have to score at least 41 points on all subtests. You can increase your chances of earning the best possible score by putting together a thorough study plan. The Mometrix Test Preparation team is here to help in this regard with our premier study tools. We care about your success just as much as you do; that’s why we work hard to provide you with only the best possible resources, so you can study as efficiently as you can.

On this page, you’ll be able to access our CBEST Reading practice test and our CBEST Reading study guides. These two resources have slightly different purposes, but should prove equally effective in helping you prepare for the Reading portion of the CBEST.

Our practice test is ideal for gaining a hands-on glimpse of how the exam works. If you’re unsure of just what to expect and want a more concrete example, or simply want to prepare for the exam in a more thorough manner, the Reading practice test is for you. It is the best tool for familiarizing yourself with the exam, as well as figuring out where your weaknesses and strengths may lie with the material. You can use your results from the practice exam to fine tune your study approach for the real exam.

The study guide will help you if you need ideas for how to begin studying, or get stuck and aren’t sure how to proceed with your study plan. The Reading study guide will explain how each area of the exam works, and offer suggestions on the best ways to prepare.

These study tools are designed to work in conjunction with each other, but will prove just as valuable and effective when used on their own or alongside other study tools. We hope you will choose to incorporate them into your study plan. Good luck!

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