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After years and years of hard work, you’ve finally made it to the final phase of training to earn your teaching certification. Congratulations on this important achievement! This day has undoubtedly been a long time coming for you in your journey to become a public school teacher. However, before you receive the certification you need, you must first clear one last hurdle. That hurdle is known officially as the CBEST exam.

The CBEST (also known as the California Basic Educational Skills Test) is required of all potential public education teachers within the state. Its purpose is to evaluate whether you’ve mastered all the knowledge you will need in order to best meet your students’ needs within the classroom environment. As such, each area of the exam focuses closely on the core subjects necessary for teaching in today’s schools. It is worth reiterating that you cannot progress with your career goals without first scoring well on this exam.

CBEST Math Practice Test


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CBEST Test Overview

The full exam will last four hours in all, and you will be allowed to move through the test freely and complete sections in any order or amount of time. However, it’s best to keep the overall time limit in mind so you give yourself enough time to complete all three parts of the exam.

You will find a total of three distinct subtests within the CBEST exam. These subjects include Writing, Mathematics, and Reading. On this page, you will find all of the information you need regarding the CBEST Mathematics exam.

The Mathematics portion of the CBEST exam will not only evaluate your capability to perform various mathematical functions and answer problems, but know how to apply mathematical knowledge to an assortment of commonplace teaching situations. Much of the questions you’ll find on the test will only pertain to the concepts you learned back in high school. You can expect to find around 50 questions on the Mathematics subtest. All of them will be in multiple choice format. When it comes to the division of categories for exam questions, 40 percent focuses on an assortment of nondescript concepts, 20 percent will deal with geometry, and 40 percent center around arithmetic. We will go over each question category featured on the exam below.

  • Numerical and Graphical Relationships focuses primarily on data—graphs, charts, spreadsheets, tables, and percentages. You will have to utilize the data being presented to answer questions; figure out how two pieces of data relate to one another; fill in blank areas of data sheets based on patterns present in the other entries; and comprehend various data-related rules.
  • Computation and Problem Solving questions will require you to utilize your knowledge of basic arithmetic functions—division, multiplication, subtraction, and addition. You will also be expected to analyze word problems and find out their answers through a different technique from the norm, as well as figure out if you can come to a reasonable answer to a problem based on the data presented to you.
  • Estimation, Measurement, and Statistical Principles deals predominantly with your ability to evaluate statistical properties and functions, as well as estimate numerical and measurement-based data. This section splits further into two distinct subcategories:
    • Statistical Principles questions involve probability, percentiles, and averages, among various other basic elements of statistics. You will also have to demonstrate your knowledge of standardized exams and how they are graded; some questions will present you with hypothetical score information, which you must use to compare one student’s scores to the rest of the group.
    • Estimation and Measurement will evaluate your numerical guessing abilities. Questions under this subcategory will require you to figure out a ballpark answer for an arithmetic equation; find measurements under specific conditions or contexts (such as capacity or temperature); analyze a time-sensitive situation via word problem and deduce how much time is needed to complete a specific task; and measure the perimeter and various other elements of geometric figures.

CBEST Prep Course

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More Free CBEST Math Practice Questions

Free CBEST Math Practice Test

You need to earn a minimum score of 41 in order to pass the Mathematics subtest. Scoring your best requires only the most thorough study tools, which you can find here on the Mometrix website. The Mometrix Test Preparation team fully understands just how significant the CBEST is to your teaching aspirations. That’s why we’re committed to providing you with as much help as possible in the form of several comprehensive resources. On this page, you can access our CBEST Mathematics study guides, as well as our CBEST Mathematics practice test.

If you are unsure of where to begin with your studies, our study guides are the ideal resource for giving yourself a boost. Alternatively, our study guides should also prove useful if you find yourself stuck and unsure of where else you should devote your attention to as you study. Our study guides will provide you with a series of step by step information regarding what you can expect from the exam, all presented in an easily digestible way. Our study guides are great for debriefing yourself on the details of the exam so you can focus your studies appropriately.

Our practice test is meant to give you a more hands-on glimpse of the test. We have conducted countless hours of careful research to ensure this practice test is a faithful reproduction of the real thing. Each question featured on our practice test is modeled after the content actually featured on past CBEST exams. This means you can trust our practice test will provide you with an accurate example of how the exam will work. We encourage you to use our practice test to familiarize yourself with the exam as thoroughly as possible. In addition to learning more about the test’s format and contents, you can also use our practice test to evaluate where your weaknesses and strengths lie with the test’s material.

We hope you will choose to incorporate both of these sets of resources into your study plan. The Mometrix Test Preparation team cares about your success. We strive to create only the best and most comprehensive resources to help you ace your next big exam. Good luck!


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