ACT English Practice Test

The English section of the ACT evaluates your standard English skills, including language knowledge, production of writing, and standard English conventions. To help you prepare for this section of the ACT, this page contains everything you need to know, including what topics are covered, how many questions there are, and how you can study effectively.

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What’s on the SAT English Section?

exam outline for the ACT English section, which contains 70 questions and has a time limit of 45 minutes

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How many English questions are on the ACT?

There are 70 questions on the English section of the ACT.

How long is the English section of the ACT?

The English section is timed at 45 minutes.

What is a passing score on the ACT English section?

There is no set passing score for the English section of the ACT. However, a score of at least 21 is generally recommended.


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