PTCB Test Breakdown

PTCB Certification Exam Review

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCB) determines whether individuals have demonstrated the knowledge and skills necessary in order to practice as a pharmacy technician.

If you’re wanting to become a pharmacy technician, you will first need to pass the PTCB exam. Use our free PTCB practice questions to get started.

PTCB Certification Exam

Breakdown of the PTCB exam

PTCB Exam Study Course

PTCB Certification Review

PTCB Exam Format

• 2 hours to complete
• 90 questions long (multiple-choice)
• 10 pre-test questions which do not count for or against final score

Distribution of Content for the PTCB Exam

• 40% – Medications
• 12.5% – Federal Requirements
• 26.25% – Patient Safety and Quality Assurance
• 21.25% – Order Entry and Processing

Overview of the PTCB Exam Content

1. Medications

• Generic and brand names of medications, as well as their classifications
• Therapeutic equivalence
• Life-threatening drug interactions and contraindications
• Dosage forms, routes of administration, instructions for special handling and administration, and duration of drug therapy
• Medication side effects, adverse effects, and allergies
• Indications of dietary supplements and medications
• Drug stability
• NTI medications
• Incompatibilities pertaining to reconstitution and non-sterile compounding
• Proper medication storage

PTCB Secrets Study Guide
PTCB Secrets Study Guide

PTCB Flashcard Study System
PTCB Flashcard Study System

2. Federal Requirements

• Handling of hazardous, non-hazardous, and pharmaceutical substances
• Prescriptions for controlled substances and DEA controlled-substance schedules
• Receiving, storing, dispensing, ordering, and labeling controlled substances
• Restricted drug programs and processing pertinent medication
• Recall requirements from the FDA

3. Patient Safety and Quality Assurance

• Medications that are high-risk and high-alert, as well as medications that look alike/sound alike
• Strategies to prevent errors
• Issues that require the intervention of a pharmacist
• Procedures for reporting events
• Prescription errors
• Standards for cleaning and hygiene

4. Order Entry and Processing

• Compounding products that are non-sterile
• Sig codes, formulas, proportions, alligations, conversions, ratios, and calculations
• Drug administration supplies and equipment
• NDC numbers, expiration dates, and lot numbers
• Identifying and returning supplies and medication which have expired, are dispensable, or are non-dispensable

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