Pennsylvania Educator Certification Tests (PECT

Pennsylvania Educator Certification Tests (PECT)

The Pennsylvania Educator Certification Tests (PECT) are a battery of exams required for aspiring educators statewide. These tests are a collaboration between testing experts and The Pennsylvania Department of Education. Undergraduates seeking initial certification in the state of Pennsylvania must pass the Pre-service Academic Performance Assessment (PAPA), as well as the relevant certification area tests. To obtain licensure in specific certification areas, candidates must take the PreK-4, Special Education PreK-8, or Special Education 7-12 exam.

PECT Secrets Study Guide
PECT Secrets Study Guide

The Pre-service Academic Performance Assessment has three sections: reading (36 multiple-choice questions, 45 minutes), mathematics (36 selected-response items, 75 minutes), and writing (36 multiple-choice questions, two sentence-correction assignments, and one extended response assignment; 75 minutes).

PECT Passing Scores

To pass an assessment, the candidate must achieve the minimum PECT passing score in each module. The only exception to this rule is for the PAPA, where the candidate who achieves at least a 220 on one of the reading, mathematics, or writing modules may score slightly below the usual minimum passing scores in the other two modules and still qualify. Also, the minimum passing score for Module 1 of the PreK-4 test is 197, while for Modules 2 and 3 the minimum passing score is 197. For all of the other exams, the minimum passing score is 220.

The Pennsylvania Educator Certification Tests are criterion-referenced, which means that scores are adjusted according to the difficulty of the exam version. These tests are administered via computer, and the questions will become more or less difficult depending on the student’s performance. This responsive method of test administration produces a much more accurate score.

PECT Flashcard Study System
PECT Flashcard Study System

Scores are available online approximately ten days after the exam, with the exception of any writing modules, which require twenty days to grade. The exam may be taken at testing facilities throughout Pennsylvania and the rest of the nation. It is administered by appointment year-round.


Anyone who wants to become an educator in Pennsylvania must pass the PECT test. Success on these exams can make the difference for job-seekers throughout the state. Mometrix has developed a set of effective and easy-to-use resources that make preparing for the PECT a cinch. There are flashcards and study guides for all of the tests that make up the PECT. These materials include all of the content that may appear on the exam, as well as some essential strategies for scoring high on criterion-referenced, computer-based tests. Preparing for the PECT has never been so easy or so affordable! The Mometrix resources for the PECT can be found at for PECT Study Guides and for PECT Flashcard Study System.

PECT Test Resources

1. PECT PreK-4 Secrets Study Guide: PECT Test Review for the Pennsylvania Educator Certification Tests (link)

2. PECT PreK-4 Online Prep Course (link)

3. Official PECT website (link)


What is the Pennsylvania Educators Certification Test?

The Pennsylvania Educators Certification Test is a series of tests that are required for those who want to become a teacher in Pennsylvania to take.

What areas of education are covered by the PECT?

There are 4 areas that are covered by the PECT.

• Pre-Service Academic Performance Assessment (PAPA)
• PreK-4
• Special Education PreK-8
• Special Education 7-12

What is on the PECT PAPA exam?

There are three modules on the PECT PAPA exam which include Reading, Mathematics, and Writing.

What is on the specific certification areas of the PECT?

The PreK-4 PECT contains 3 modules:

• Module 1:
-Child Development, Learning, and Assessment
-Collaboration and Professionalism
• Module 2:
– Language and Literacy Development
– Social Studies, Arts, and Humanities
• Module 3:
-Mathematics, Science, and Health

The Special Education PreK-8 PECT contains 2 modules:

  • Module 1:
    -Foundations and Professional Practice
    -Understanding Students with Disabilities
    – Assessment and Program Planning and Implementation
    • Module 2:
    -Inclusive Learning Environments
    – Delivery of Specially Designed Instruction

The Special Education 7-12 PECT contains 2 modules:

• Module 1:
– Foundations and Professional Practice
– Understanding Students with Disabilities
– Assessment and Program Planning and Implementation
• Module 2:
– Inclusive Learning Environments
– Delivery of Specially Designed Instruction

How many questions are on the PECT?

PAPA: 108 total questions
– Reading: 36 questions
– Mathematics: 36 questions
– Writing: 36 questions

PreK: 126 total questions
– Module 1: 36 questions
– Module 2: 45 questions
– Module 3: 45 questions

Special Education PreK-8: 82 total questions
– Module 1: 41 question
– Module 2: 41 questions

Special Education 7-12: 82 total questions:
-Module 1: 41 questions
– Module 2: 41 questions

How long is the PECT?

PAPA: 195 minutes total
– Reading: 45 minutes
– Mathematics: 75 minutes
– Writing: 75 minutes

PreK: 210 minutes total
– Module 1: 45 minutes
– Module 2: 75 minutes
– Module 3: 90 minutes

Special Education PreK-8: 120 minutes total
– Module 1: 60 minutes
– Module 2: 60 minutes

Special Education 7-12: 120 minutes total
– Module 1: 60 minutes
– Module 2: 60 minutes

What is the passing score for the PECT?

– Reading: 220
– Mathematics: 190
– Writing: 220

– Module 1: 197
– Module 2: 193
– Module 3: 193

Special Education PreK-8
– 220 for each module

Special Education 7-12
– 220 for each module

How much does it cost to take the PECT?

– Reading: $37
– Mathematics: $44
– Writing: $37
– To take all 3 modules: $110

– Module 1: $46
– Module 2: $46
– Module 3: $53
– To take all 3 modules: $131

Special Education PreK-8
– $50 per module
– $87 to take both modules

Special Education 7-12
– $50 per module
– $87 to take both modules


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