Everything You Need to Know About the PreACT

Everything You Need to Know About the PreACT [Infographic]

Getting ready for college can be difficult. There is a lot of preparation that goes into being ready for college, and one of those things is preparing for entrance exams. The ACT exam is one of the exams that many colleges require for entry-level students and this exam helps to determine if these students are ready for college-level classes. One of the ways to prepare for the ACT is through studying and taking practice tests. But now, there’s another way to properly prepare for the ACT exam!

“A new way to prepare for the ACT Test.”

The PreACT, a new set of assessments by the makers of the ACT Test, created this exam in order to give 10th graders the opportunity to not only practice for the ACT but also to become more aware of their strengths and weaknesses and better understand their career readiness.

Benefits of taking the PreACT

Flexible Schedule – Test when it’s most convenient for you.

Fast Turn-Around – 5-10 days turnaround time from receipt of answer documents.

Actionable Insights – Results help parents and students make important decisions for the future.

Practice – Early practice for the actual ACT Test.

Interest Inventory – See a personalized view of interests with college and career alignment.

Strengths Profile – See a profile of strengths and weaknesses in ACT Test subject areas.

PreACT Study Guide
PreACT Study Guide

Subject Content Breakdown


  • 45 multiple-choice questions
  • Conventions of Standard Written English – 23-25 questions, 51-56% of the English assessment
  • Production of Writing – 13-15 questions, 29-33% of the English assessment
  • Knowledge of Language – 6-8 questions, 13-18% of the English assessment


  • 36 multiple-choice questions
  • Preparing for Higher Math – 21 questions, 58% of the Math assessment
  • Integrating Essential Skills – 15 questions, 42% of the Math assessment
  • Modeling – 10+ questions


  • 25 multiple-choice questions
  • Key Ideas and Details – 13-15 questions, 52-60% of the Reading assessment
  • Craft and Structure – 7-9 questions, 28-36% of the Reading assessment
  • Integration of Knowledge and Ideas – 3-4 questions, 12-16% of the Reading assessment


  • 30 multiple-choice questions
  • Interpretation of Data – 11-13 questions, 37-41% of the Science assessment
  • Scientific Investigation – 9-11 questions, 30-37% of the Science assessment
  • Evaluation of Models, Inferences, and Experimental Results – 7-9 questions, 23-30% of the Science assessment

Other Components

  • College Readiness Standards
  • Predicted ACT Score
  • Summary Reports
  • Course Taking Needs

Everything You Need to Know About the PreACT

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