CPHQ Certification The Definitive Guide

CPHQ Certification: The Definitive Guide (2019)

– Over 2,300 CPHQ candidates took the exam in 2017.

– The US pass rate in 2017 was 71%.

– The CPHQ certification examination is an objective, multiple choice examination consisting of 140 questions.

The CPHQ exam is a certification for healthcare quality professionals that want to have a career focusing on healthcare quality and patient safety. While the CPHQ certification can be an advance for your career, the exam itself can be daunting. But before you get stressed about the exam, take a minute or two to read over these tips that can help you pass the CPHQ exam.

1.Create A Study Plan
To be properly and completely prepared for an exam, you will need to create a study plan. You should make sure that your study plan should include which areas of the CPHQ you need a quick review over and which areas you need more work in. Your plan should also include how many hours you plan to study each day. You should block out 2 to 3 hours each day and decide which area of the exam you will be working on at a time. Creating a study plan will help you remember concepts in the long run and will help you prevent from cramming. The Mometrix University CPHQ review course has lessons organized in a step-by-step plan.

2. Learn the Exam Outline
Learning and understanding the CPHQ Certification exam outline is one of the things that should be included in your study plan. Learning the exam outline can help you understand more of what will be expected of you when you take the actual exam, such as details and format of the exam.

Here’s what you need to know about the CPHQ Certification exam:

• The CPHQ Certification exam takes 3 hours to complete.
• The exam consists of 140 multiple-choice questions. 15 of those questions are pre-test questions and do not count for or against your final score.
• There are 4 domain areas on the CPHQ exam.

Take a look at the CPHQ Certification exam content outline.

CPHQ Certification Exam Secrets Study Guide
CPHQ Certification Exam Secrets Study Guide

3. CPHQ Study Guide
Study guides are one of the most valuable resources available to help you study for the CPHQ exam. They allow you to dig deeper into the content and details of the exam that you need to know. It’s important to find a study guide that will go straight to the point of which area you need to study. Using a study guide for the CPHQ certification exam is also a great way to do a quick brush up on any key concepts.

4. There’s More Than One Type of Question
When it comes to taking an exam, you’re probably thinking that the questions will be composed of multiple choice or even fill in the blank. On the CPHQ exam, you will have multiple-choice questions, but there are also three other types of questions. These three types of questions will actually be made up of different “cognitive levels”. This means that you will be required to show your cognitive abilities to apply information and knowledge as well as evaluate and problem solve.

The three types of “cognitive level” questions include:

• 57% application questions: you are required to apply details and interpret to a situation
• 17% analysis: tests your ability in evaluating, integrating or problem-solving
• 26% recall: tests your knowledge about specific concepts and facts

Definitive Guide to CPHQ Certification 2019
CPHQ Certification Exam Flashcard Study System

5. CPHQ Flashcards
There are multiple reasons why you should consider using flashcards when you’re preparing for the CPHQ exam. One reason is that using flashcards to study will help you focus on key concepts and details one at a time. They help you keep your information organized allowing you to remember the information for a longer period of time without feeling burnt out.

6. Don’t Linger
If you become stuck on a question that you’re not sure about, don’t linger. You have 140 questions that need to be answered within 3 hours. If this happens, simply bookmark that question and return later on. Be sure to answer all of the questions that you have bookmarked.

7. It’s Okay to Guess
If you have a question or two that you bookmarked to come back later to but you’re still not sure of the answer, it’s okay to take a guess. It’s important that you answer each and every question on the CPHQ exam. Your score is based on how many questions you answer correctly. There is no penalty for guessing. So if you run into a question or two that you’re not sure of the answer, take a guess. You’ll have a 25% chance of getting the answer right rather than leaving the question blank.

8. CPHQ Practice Test
The best way to see if you’re prepared to take the actual CPHQ exam is to take a few practice tests. Taking a practice test for the CPHQ exam can show you which areas of the exam you may be lacking in or unfamiliar with. After finding out if you have any areas where you need more help in, spend more time in these areas. Take another practice test later on to see if you have improved in that area of the exam. Another reason to take a practice test is so that you can learn more about the exam itself. Practice tests have a similar format as the actual test. When you’re ready to start taking practice tests for the CPHQ certification exam, visit our Academy website!

9. Check Your Answers
The CPHQ certification exam is a timed exam, allow you to have 3 hours to answer all of the questions. If you finish the exam and find that you have time left over, use this time to go back and check your answers. You want to make sure that you chose the correct answer and not accidentally choose a wrong one. This is also a good time to go back and review the questions that you weren’t too sure about.

If you need more information about the CPHQ Certification exam, visit the NAHQ website: https://nahq.org/certification/cphq-application


What is the CPHQ ?

The CPHQ is a certification credential for healthcare professionals that wish to have a career that focuses on patient safety and healthcare quality.

How many questions are on the CPHQ exam?

There are 140 questions on the CPHQ exam. Out of these 140 questions, 125 are scored while the remaining 15 are pretest questions.

Are the questions on the CPHQ exam multiple-choice?

Yes. The questions on the CPHQ exam are multiple-choice.

How long does it take to complete the CPHQ exam?

You are given three hours to complete the CPHQ Certification exam.

How much does it cost to take the CPHQ exam?

For NAHQ members, the fee to take the CPHQ exam is $399. For those who are not members, the fee is $469.

Can you retake the CPHQ?

Yes. If you fail on your first try, you can retake the CPHQ exam. However, you must wait 90 days from the last time you sat for the exam. You will also be required to pay the full exam fee as well as submit a new application.

What sections are on the CPHQ?

There are four sections on the CPHQ. • Organizational Leadership • Health Data Analytics • Performance and Process Improvement • Patient Safety

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