WEST-B Writing Practice Test

The WEST tests are a battery of tests designed to make sure that teachers are qualified to teach in their preferred field. For those wishing to teach in the state of Washington, you must pass the 50 multiple-choice question, 2 constructed-response question WEST-B: Writing test. We at Mometrix have crafted the free WEST-B Writing practice test to assist you in this endeavor. The WEST-B Writing practice test will cover the same content as the actual test. Content such as: Understanding the role of audience and purpose in written communication; Understanding idea development, fluency, and organization within writing; Recognize writing that effectively communicates intended messages; Apply revision strategies to written works; Recognize the use of standard writing conventions; as well as Preparing an organized, developed composition in response to instructions regarding content, purpose, and audience. When taking the actual test, you will have up to three hours to finish responding to every question.

WEST-B Writing Study Guide

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