What Was the Dominion of New England?

In this video, we see a discussion of the formation and effects of the formation of the Dominion of New England. It was done at the end of the 1600s when England was seeking to establish stronger control and dominance over its colonies. The King was frustrated with the constant problems he was having with the Massachusetts Bay Colony and therefore formed the Dominion of New England by unifying all the colonies from New Jersey northward. King James II placed them all under one central government that was tasked with enforcing the Navigation Acts of 1660 and 1663. The freedom-loving Puritans of Massachusetts and other portions of the Dominion were highly resistant to the forced commerce on British ships alone through British harbors alone. They opposed the punitive taxes levied as well as the dissolution of their assemblies. The final straw came when they were forced to endure and support Anglican worship, which they were strongly opposed to. It was one of the things they had left England about in the first place. The Glorious Revolution of 1688 brought an end to this era with a victory for the colonists, but the struggle wasn’t over.

The Dominion of New England

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