Tip 3 | How To Stay Healthy and Prevent Test Anxiety

Tip 3 | How To Stay Healthy and Prevent Test Anxiety

Test anxiety can really hurt our chances of doing well on exams and assignments, but there are ways to prevent anxiety. We’ve all felt our hands get sweaty and our heart start racing when we’ve gone to sit down for that test, but these physical symptoms can be greatly reduced by the steps in this video.

Test anxiety can really hurt our chances of doing well on an exam or assignment, but there are ways to prevent this anxiety. We’ve all been there, when our hands are sweating and our heart starts racing. These physical attributes of test anxiety can be greatly reduced by the following 4 simple steps: First, make time for exercise. This isn’t the time to meet with a personal trainer for that boot-camp-style workout, but about 30 minutes of aerobic activity can ease your stress level and help you to function better.

If you aren’t in shape and have not been exercising regularly, just go for a walk around the block or do something else that gets you moving. Have a relaxing evening routine. Brew a mug of herbal tea if you like, or settle into bed with a good book (nothing too suspenseful, though). Take a long bath or play quietly with your children and/or pets.

The point is: Do something enjoyable and relax before going to sleep. 3. Get sleep. Rest is vital for a high-functioning mind and body. As we just said, get that routine set to help your mind not race when you lie down. Make a list of things you need to do for the morning and put it by your bed. Set an alarm, then, when you’re tucked into bed early, try this exercise: Starting with your feet, tense your muscles tightly while you breathe in, then count to five.

Release the muscle tension as you exhale and focus on the relaxed sensation. Repeat with every major muscle group, moving upward and ending with your face. Think happy thoughts, and you’ll be in dreamland before you know it. Tip 4: Eat well. A balanced diet can make your physical symptoms decrease a great deal, especially if you have digestive problems associated with stress.

The best way to control them is to eat light, nutritious meals and stay away from fatty or heavy foods. Fruits and vegetables are great for you along with lean protein. These 4 tips can greatly reduce the amount of test anxiety you experience. Find a routine that works best for you. I hope that helps! For more information on test anxiety, visit our website in the description below or subscribe to this channel.

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