Tip 5 | 5 Easy Tips to Beat Test Anxiety for Kids

Tip 5 | 5 EASY WAYS to Beat Test Anxiety - FOR KIDS

Even if you’re a kid, test day can get to you. You may get nervous, feel sick to your stomach, or have sweaty hands. That’s normal, and it’s called test anxiety. Here are five steps to help you beat it!

1. Sleep before the test! Doctors say “Sleep is directly related to academic performance. Preteens and teenagers especially need to get regular, solid sleep.”

2. Know the test well before you take it. Make sure you understand you’re going to be tested on and know how to prepare. Don’t be afraid to talk to your teacher. He or she may have suggestions to help you succeed.

3. Study smarter. Don’t waste time on stuff you already know, but work hard on your weak spots. This will boost your overall confidence and help you feel more ready.

4. Address any learning disabilities. If you have difficulties like ADHD, dyslexia, autism, etc., make sure you are preparing in the way that will best help you. Everyone learns differently, so you need to help yourself out by doing what works best for you.

5. Don’t procrastinate! If you are working on studying long before the test, you’ll have more time to cover what you need, helping you feel less nervous. The longer you wait to start studying, the more likely you’ll not feel ready and then get even more anxious.

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