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Hi, and thank you for visiting Mometrix Academy Test Review. This page will be useful to your review for the Reading portion of the TABE exam. This section will require the ability to read and analyze a passage of text and make logical conclusions in response to it. It is very important to study diligently for the exam, as a low score can hurt your chances of being accepted into the school to which you apply. For more help studying for the TABE, consider the Mometrix Study Guide and Flashcard system, which is guaranteed to improve the scores of any test-taker. Links to both of these tools can be found at the bottom of the page under the Products and Services tab. We hope that you will find our free video tutorials to be of assistance to your preparation, and that you will like and share them on one of our social media pages. Thanks for visiting the Mometrix Academy and happy studying.

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Last updated: 05/24/2018


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