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Hi there! Thanks for joining us at the Mometrix Academy. You have accessed the Mathematics review page for the TABE. Below you will find a supply of free video tutorials which cover various mathematical topics which you will need for the TABE, such as applied mathematics and mathematics computation. To do well on this exam and succeed in your future career, these skills will be very important. If you think you could benefit from some extra help in your studying, Mometrix offers excellent comprehensive Study Guides and Flashcards which are proven and insured to help any test-takers achieve their goal on this test. These tools can both be found at the bottom of the page under Products and Services. If you find our free video lessons to be helpful to your study needs, please like and share the Academy on your social media page. Thanks for visiting and we wish you all the best on your test!

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Math Basics

Lesson 1: Operations Basics

Lesson 2: Factors and Multiples


Lesson 1: Fraction Basics

Lesson 2: Fraction Operations


Lesson 1: Decimal Basics

Lesson 2: Decimal Operations

Equations and Functions

Lesson 1: Equation Basics

Lesson 2: Inequalities

Lesson 3: Linear System of Equations

Lesson 4: Graphing of Linear Equations and Functions


Lesson 1: Angle Basics

Lesson 2: Triangles

Lesson 3: Circles

Probability, Statistics, Percentages, Ratios, and Proportions

Lesson 1: Probability

Lesson 2: Percentages, Ratios, and Proportions

Word Problems

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