Upper Level SSAT Reading Comprehension Practice Test

Part of the enrollment process into most independent and college preparatory schools include the scores of the SSAT. This makes taking it a requirement for such students.

The purpose of this test is the gauge your skills and basic knowledge in the areas of math, reading comprehension, and verbal abilities. It is important to note that while the test is crucial to your acceptance, independent schools do not look only at these scores when considering applicants.

Upper Level SSAT Reading Comprehension


Upper level SSAT
Reading Comprehension Review
Upper level SSAT
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Upper level SSAT

Registration Process

Registration by students who are enrolling in an independent or college preparatory school can be completed online at ssat.org. There you will create an account and fill out the proper forms. At that time any registration fees will also be due.

Domestically taken regular registration fees are $139. To take the SSAT internationally, it will cost $269. Late registration and rush fees may apply in some cases.

Where and When?

There are over 550 SSAT operated locations worldwide where the test may be taken.

Your testing session can be scheduled for one of eight Saturdays during the school year (August 1 - July 31). Most of these testing sessions begin at 9 AM.

You will need to arrive at least 30 minutes early on the day of your test to allow for proper sign in time. Arriving late will disqualify you from taking the test that day. You will have to reschedule and pay another registration fee if this happens.

You can reschedule or cancel your testing session any time up to the last two weeks prior to your scheduled test. However, there is a fee to reschedule, and there are no cancellation refunds.

What To Bring?

You will be required to bring your printed admission ticket to the testing site. Anything else that may be needed will be listed on this admission ticket.

Number 2 wooden pencils and a snack and/or drink are allowed to be brought as well. However, your snack should be brought in a clear zip-lock bag with your name on it. These will be stored in a separate area and are for breaks only.

Any other personal items are not allowed in the testing area including electronic devices, calculators, and any outerwear. If you should be found with any prohibited items, your test may be disqualified.

What Is Covered?

The SSAT is made up of 166 multiple choice questions and one writing sample. The reading comprehension section includes 40 questions. You are given 40 minutes to finish this section. Here, you will be tested on your ability to read and comprehend what you are reading.

You will be given reading passages ranging from 250-350 words. You will then be given a series of questions about each of these passages. Passages will either be in the form a narrative (a specific excerpt) or an argument which will pose a certain point of view.

Reading passages may come from the following sources:

  • Literary fiction
  • Humanities (biography, art, poetry)
  • Science (anthropology, astronomy, medicine)
  • Social studies (history, sociology, economics)
Questions related to the passage will cover:

  • Recognize the main idea
  • Locate details
  • Make inferences
  • Derive the meaning of a word or phrase from its context
  • Determine the author's purpose
  • Determine the author's attitude and tone
  • Understand and evaluate opinions/arguments
  • Make predictions based on information in the passage

How Is It Scored?

For those that are being notified of your score online, you should expect two weeks before this is available. Allow for an additional week if you are receiving it via paper mail. Once you have been notified, your parent or guardian will be able to send your score reports to schools of your choosing.

Because the SSAT is not graded as an achievement test, This can be difficult to understand. Scores are scaled based on your shown knowledge and are in comparison to other students taking the test.

The report is broken down into sections showing your scaled scores for each, as well as your score for the whole test. The lowest score possible for each section is 500 while the highest is 800. The highest score for the whole test is 2400 and the lowest is 1500.

How To Prepare?

Here at Mometrix Test Preparation, we know how important this test is to you and your future. That is why we have designed a study guide and flashcards specific to its sections. These tools include all the information you will need to know and will also have sample and practice questions to help you understand just what will be expected of you for the SSAT. These questions are formatted and worded similarly to what you will see on the actual test, allowing you to be as prepared as possible. Don't test without checking out these amazing guides.

SSAT Study Guide

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