Top Spelling Tips and Tricks

When writing anything, it is important that you are able to spell things correctly. If you are not sure if you spelled something correctly, be sure to utilize the spell-check feature found in most word processors. You can also refer to a dictionary to check for your spelling.


Spelling Tips

It is important to be an accurate speller in all if your writing, because it helps the reader understand what you’re trying to say. Oftentimes if you spell something wrong, the reader will get distracted. They’re going to be focusing on the misspelling instead of the thoughts and ideas you’re trying to convey. I’ve written a few tips here to help you remember how to spell some words correctly.

The first tip is “I before E, except after C,” which rhymes so you can remember it easily. If you look at the word “relieve” and you’re wondering whether to put the I or the E first, just remember that I comes before E, except after C. There’s no C before it, so I must become must come before E. The next word is “conceit”. There is a C right here, so, in this case, E is going to come before I.

Another tip is to drop the E. If you have the word “dance” and you’re adding -ing to the end, just drop the E from the end. So, dance becomes dancing.

The final tip is to change the Y. If you have the word “happy”, it becomes “happiness”. Just change the Y to an I, and add an -ess. Now, this does not apply if adding -ing to the end of the word. “Study” ends with a Y, but since you’re adding -ing, the Y remains. This rule also does not apply if the Y is preceded by a vowel. In the word “relay”, A comes right before Y, so you just add -ed to the end without changing the Y to an eye. However, as a general rule, you do change the Y to an I.

Those are just a few of the spelling tips that are out there, but there are many more out there that you can study and remember to help you remember how to spell words correctly.

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Last updated: 04/19/2018


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