Skill-Related Fitness

Skill fitness is an overall rating of ability that is based upon 6 subcategories. These subcategories are: Agility, Balance, Coordination, Power, Reaction Time, and Speed. Agility is the ability to rapidly change body position and maintain a high degree of control over body movements. Balance measures the ability to stay upright while moving. Coordination involves the connection between our hands and eyes or our feet and eyes. The ability to see something and react quickly with hands or feet is our coordination. Power is strength plus speed. It takes both to properly measure power. There may be someone who is fast but not strong or strong and not fast. Reaction time measures the time lag between a start signal and the body going into motion. Finally, Speed is the ability to perform a particular motion or cover a particular distance in a very short time span. All 6 of these subcategories are necessary to determine one’s overall Skill Fitness.


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Last updated: 03/21/2018


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