What is a Road Atlas?

Drivers can be helped by using a road atlas. A road atlas contains useful information like: the distance between two points on the map, the correct road or route to take to get to the desired destination, and provides a general idea of the positions of particular places. For example, it might be helpful to know that the place you are trying to reach is on the north side of town versus the south, if you are coming from the east. Other items of information that are often a part of a road atlas (apart from the actual maps) would include tables with mileage between major cities, and also key or legend to help you understand special symbols that are a part of the map (i.e. the picture of a picnic table to denote public parks). Many of these functions are now provided through electronic maps or phone apps that provide distances, driving directions, and even real time traffic updates or areas under construction.


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Last updated: 03/21/2018


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