Registered Health Information Administrators (RHIA) are required all across the healthcare industry. In order to begin your career as an RHIA, you will first need to take and pass the RHIA exam. It measures your core competencies across all the most important concepts and skills required for the job.


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Who Can Take the RHIA Exam?

To be eligible you have to meet just one of the following five criteria:

  • You have successfully completed an accredited, baccalaureate-level program in Health Information Management.
  • You have successfully completed an accredited, master’s level program in Health Information Management.
  • You have successfully completed an accredited, post-baccalaureate degree program in Health Information Management.
  • You have successfully completed a foreign degree program in Health Information Management that is approved by a foreign association with which the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) has a reciprocity agreement.
  • You are a registered health information technician (RHIT) who meets the proviso conditions approved by the CCHIIM.

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How Should I Prepare for Test Day?

The entire exam will last four hours and there are no scheduled breaks. So it’s extremely important that you make sure you are comfortable, well rested, and well-nourished before you arrive at the testing center. Here are a few tips to make sure you are ready to perform your best:

  • Try to get a full night of sleep before the test.
  • Wake up early enough that you can eat a full breakfast, get ready, and go to the testing center without having to rush.
  • Bring a light jacket or sweater that you can easily take off or put on while you’re taking the test so that you can adjust as necessary to the temperature in the exam room.
  • Make sure to hydrate earlier in the morning but avoid drinking anything within the last 45 minutes to an hour before your appointment to avoid the need for restroom breaks after the exam starts.

What Subjects Will Be Covered on the RHIA Exam?

The 180 multiple choice questions on the RHIA exam will be divided across five domains as follows:

  • Data Content, Structure, and Standards – 33-40 Questions
    • Classification systems
    • Health record content & documentation
    • Data governance
    • Data management & secondary data sources
  • Information Protection: Access, Disclosure, Archival, Privacy and Security – 43-49 Questions
    • Health law
    • Data privacy, confidentiality, and security
    • Release of information
  • Informatics, Analytics, and Data Use – 40-47 Questions
    • Health information technologies
    • Information management strategic planning
    • Analytics and decision support
    • Healthcare statistics
    • Research methods
    • Consumer informatics
    • Health information exchange
    • Information integrity and data quality
  • Revenue Management – 22-29 Questions
    • Revenue cycle and reimbursement
    • Regulatory
    • Coding
    • Fraud surveillance
    • Clinical documentation improvement
  • Leadership – 22-29 Questions
    • Leadership roles
    • Change management
    • Work design and process improvement
    • Human resources management
    • Training and development
    • Strategic and organizational management
    • Financial management
    • Ethics
    • Project management
    • Vendor and contract management
    • Enterprise information management

Of these 180 questions, 20 are trial questions that don’t count toward your final score. They are being tested for inclusion on future versions of the exam. Since the trial questions aren’t identified in any way, it’s still a good idea to treat all 180 questions as if they counted toward your score.

How Is the RHIA Exam Scored?

You will be given a scaled score ranging from 100 to 400. In order to pass, you will need a minimum of 300. You will not find out how you did until your receive your score report four to eight weeks after the date of the exam. If you need your results by a certain date, you should factor this wait time in when deciding on an appointment to take the exam.

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Do I Need to Study for the RHIA Exam?

While you will be familiar with much of the material thanks to your training and education, it’s highly recommended that you still spend a few weeks reviewing everything and working on fundamental test-taking skills like memory, recall, speed, and accuracy.

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