Radiation Health & Safety Practice Test

The Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) offers the Radiation Health and Safety (RHS) Exam as a way for candidates to demonstrate their expertise about the proper safety procedures for taking x-rays. Many states require the certification in order for a dental assistant to provide this service but even in states that don’t require it, having it will give you a distinct advantage over other applicants and potentially qualify you to earn a higher salary.


How Do I Register for the RHS Exam?

You can register online, by mail, or by fax any time. You’ll be able to choose the date, time and location most convenient to you because the test is offered continuously throughout the year at any approved Pearson VUE test center across the United States. There will be an exam fee of $250 that you have to pay at the time of registration.

How Long Does the Test Take?

You will have a total of 75 minutes to complete all the questions. There will also be a 5-minute tutorial at the beginning and a 5-minute comment section after the exam is over. In addition to the time allotted for the test, you should also plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment starts to check in and familiarize yourself with the testing center.

You may also wish to stay after to ask any questions or discuss any concerns you might have. So you should expect to spend at least two hours at the testing center for the RHS Exam.

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What Topics Are Covered on the RHS Exam?

There are a total of 100 questions on the RHS Exam which will be divided almost evenly between four domains of knowledge:

  • Expose and Evaluate – 26 Questions
    • Assessment and preparation
    • Acquisition
    • Evaluation
    • Patient Management
  • Quality Assurance and Radiology Regulations – 21 Questions
    • Storage Area Safety
    • Error Correction
    • Preparation and Maintenance of Automatic Processor Solutions
    • Film Processing Conditions
    • Implementation of Quality Assurance Procedures
    • Legal Requirements
    • OSHA Compliance
  • Radiation Safety for Patients and Operators – 31 Questions
    • Identify the American Dental Association (ADA) guidelines for selecting patients and minimizing exposure to radiation.
    • Understand the rules of hazard management and radiation protection while operating the radiographic equipment.
    • Understand patient safety procedures and how to provide adequate protection from radiation.
    • Address the concerns of patients (informed consent, patient refusal, etc.).
    • Demonstrate knowledge of proper protection and safety measures for operators.
    • Explain the techniques for measuring and observing radiation.
  • Infection Control – 22 Questions
    • Standard Precautions for Equipment
    • Standard Precautions for Patients and Operators

The numbers of questions provided above is an approximation. The actual number may vary slightly, but this is a close estimate that can help you appropriately prioritize the domains during your study sessions.

How Is the Exam Scored?

The test uses a computer adaptive testing method where each question is assigned a certain difficulty level. Your first question will be at or around the average difficulty level. If you answer correctly, the next question you see will be slightly more difficult. If you answer incorrectly, the next question will be slightly easier.

Your score, then, will be a measure of the average difficulty level of the questions you answered correctly. That score will fall somewhere between 100 and 900. In order to pass, you need to get a score of at least 400.

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What Do I Need to Study for the RHS Exam?

The good news is that this is that all of the content is pulled from concrete standards, guidelines, and bodies of knowledge. The committee which creates the questions pulls from a set list of references which you can find on their website.

As a dental assistant or a student in a dental assistant education program, much of this content should be familiar to you. However, simply being familiar with the material is not enough to pass an exam. You also need to develop your test-taking skills and learn to think about the material in the way that you will need to for the test.

The Mometrix Study Guide can help with this. In addition to an expert-crafted review of the content, it also provides a wide array of test-taking strategies and tips that you can use to make sure you perform your absolute best on test day. That includes everything from specific methods for approaching tricky questions to pre-test preparation strategies to make sure you are ready to ace that exam.

You’ll also benefit from Mometrix Flashcards which come with guidelines for a proven study method that is one of the best ways to prepare you for the unique demands of a content-driven exam like the Radiation Health and Safety Exam.

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