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Welcome to the Praxis study guide page. The links below will take you through our online Praxis test review. Watch our Praxis study guide tutorials and brush up on any concepts you don’t remember from your high school classes. Pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses to get the most out of your studying for the Praxis test. If you need more help or additional practice questions consider upgrading with our Praxis book and flashcards.

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Our customers love the tutorial videos from Mometrix Academy that we have incorporated into our Praxis test study guide. The Praxis Secrets Study Guide reviews below are examples of customer experiences.

I purchased this product for Praxis Core test prep. Initially, I was drawn to it because of the affordable price. Now that I've been able to take a closer look, it is packed with practical test taking tips and practice problems w/ solutions & explanations. I was pleased to see that it covers all three components of the core exam and a practice test to take once I work through all the study material.

Praxis – Core Academic Skills for Educators Study Guide - Customer

I love this book as a reference and give it a 5. This book is very helpful for skills that I have forgotten. I have regained math skills that I have forgotten because of this book.

Praxis – Core Academic Skills for Educators Study Guide - Customer

I have this Praxis Workbook and it is a wonderful study guide. Being able to view the answers and seeing how the math problems etc. are worked out is awesome. Also, when getting a reading /writing question wrong; there is a clear explanation on why the choice were correct / incorrect. On the other hand, I feel more confident taking my Praxis Exam with the help of this study guide.

Praxis – Core Academic Skills for Educators Study Guide - C Martin

If you are going to take the Praxis test, be sure to get this study guide! I completed my degree a number of years ago and I passed the Praxis on the first try! Read and review this study guide several times as well as practice the writing portion and you will pass your test! When I took my test, there were two other people in the room taking different Praxis tests. They did not leave the testing room happy but I did!

Praxis – Art Content Knowledge (5134) Study Guide - Customer

Been reading it for a couple of days now and I like it!! It helps if you are reviewing and planning to take a test. Very informative and easy to understand the topic. Each chapter I find it very helpful and the illustration helps alot to give you more precise understanding about the topic. Great review textbook although of course if you are really going to have a test you may want more of review textbooks to read but this one I recommend it! Very useful!

Praxis – Biology - Content Knowledge (5235) Study Guide - Ivy

I have been using the study guide for about 3 weeks now and finding great benefits from the book. The book has breadth and depth into each focus area and category and I am growing more confident by the day. I will be taking my test at the end of July and feel that I am on my way with this study guide. I strongly recommend this guide to anyone that has to take the Praxis.

Praxis – Business Education Content Knowledge (5101) Study Guide - Robin

Loved the book - it was very useful. My favorite thing about the text was the explanation of the answers. I also found it helpful that it explain why the other choices of the question were incorrect!

Praxis – Early Childhood Education (5025) Study Guide - Melina

I would like to start off by saying, Thank you Mometrix for making a stressful study time so much easier. I have tried many different books to study for the different Praxis exams and I will say this book by far has the best layout and does not include unnecessary information. The way that the book is organized makes the amount of information much easier to read and find. I can honestly no say enough positive things about this book and this company!

Praxis – Education of Young Children (5024) Study Guide - Mary

I believe this study guide is organized well and that the summative components in the frontal aspect are of great value. There is a consolidation of information that is put into perspective well, and this allows for the efficient review of important constructs. I believe this guide to be an excellent addition to one's preparatory program.

Praxis – Educational Leadership - Administration and Supervision (5411) Study Guide - Customer

This study guide book covers the material that is on the test. There are four different areas in here, which are reading, math, social studies and science. The test cost money and it is important to be prepared for when it is time to take your test. This book will definitely help you succeed in that area. I highly recommend purchasing this study guide book. I will admit that it can be a little overwhelming since there is so much material in the book. In the back of the book, there is a practice test that you can take. I felt that this helped prepare for the test. The answers behind the practice test. Make sure to cover the information in the book, because it will help you pass this test. This book is worth every penny!

Praxis – Elementary Education - Content Knowledge (5018) Study Guide - Danielle

For me, this is an excellent resource for preparing for Praxis. The subject materials are thorough and very easy to understand. I do not have any background of teaching, that is why it is helping me more. I got this product a week age, and I think if I can study for 2 hrs in a day, for a month, I am good to go. The practice questions are very good.

Praxis – Elementary Education Instructional Practice and Applications (5019) Study Guide - Ssarkar

My experience so far with this product has been really good. I like that the information is separated by topic under each subject and then gives me important information about each topic that is important to study. This makes it really easy for me to make flashcards to use to study as well.

Praxis – Elementary Education Multiple Subjects 5001 Study Guide - Customer

Mometrix has been a wonderful study guide for the Praxis. I watched all of the Mometrix videos when taking the mathematics Praxis core exam. Since I love how Mometrix explained things, I decided to buy this study guide. It is very user friendly and I'm sure once I finish this book, I'll pass in no time. Thank you Mometrix for making your products user friendly. I had such a hard time passing the Praxis core math exam until I saw your tools. I have no doubt this book will help me for the Praxis. Thank you again!

Praxis – English Language Arts - Content Knowledge (5038) Study Guide - Customer

This book covers a wide range of material that I really needed to go over and review. I like how the book breaks topics up into categories, so I could focus on areas that I need to study more. I really like that there is a practice test at the back of the book, and the answer guide actually explains the reasoning for the answer to the question. This is a very helpful book.

Praxis – Family and Consumer Sciences (5122) Study Guide - Adam

This study guide is so much more useful than the one you get directly from the ETS store. Don't even bother buying that one! It just lists all the topics the test might cover. This one, however, is extremely useful. It gives a quick refresher/overview of basically everything you might need to know for the real thing. In some places it may not go quite deep enough, but if you're using this study guide to augment your existing base of knowledge and textbooks from past classes, it will work great for you!

Praxis – General Science Content Knowledge (5435) Study Guide - Chris

This book is so awesome. I have recommended it to many people. I love the organizational breakdown of it and how clear and concise everything is. I will be buying another one of these for the other tests I will be taking. It is not overwhelming to study because the paragraphs are short and easy to read. I especially like how the book is not massive because the practice test is online!!!

Praxis – Health and Physical Education Content Knowledge (5857) Study Guide - M. Hosty

When people learn that I want to be a librarian, they automatically assume I'm smart and good at a number of things. First, they know I love to read and they're right about that. Second, they think I must be good at studying. In some ways, I am. I mean, I know where to find the material I need when I need to study. But that doesn't mean I'm good at remembering it! In the library, it's always there for my use! However, when taking a test, I couldn't take any information with me, other than what I held in my head. So when it came time to take my test on library media specialists, I needed to have as much information in my head as possible. As a librarian, I knew I could find some sort of help online. I did a few searches and found this guide that was perfect for library media specialists and the exact exam I needed to take. After researching the subject, I didn't find anything better than this one so I bought it. I was surprised it didn't cost me much. Once I got it, I realized it certainly deserved to cost much more than it did. It went through everything I needed to know for the test and several tips on how to take tests successfully. I plan to keep those in mind for students I might help in the future. They were really helpful. I could have found all of this material in the library, but it would have been spread out. Having it all in one place saved me time and lots of energy.

Praxis – Library Media Specialist (5311) - Customer

I had the task of passing the 5161 exam after a 30 year break from the undergraduate coursework. I took the exam after a practice test battery of about 15 tests with but without the explanations available here. I did not pass on that attempt because there was little conceptualization during practice and a few weak areas in my decayed knowledge. This product was instrumental for a focused review, especially in the weak areas, which in turn improved my time management. In the 5161 test I just passed, I completed all questions and stayed at the conceptual level coached in the product. I recommend it for these reasons, not as the only source for preparation but certainly as the capstone.

Praxis – Mathematics Content Knowledge (5161) - Frank

I've taken many Praxis tests in the past and will take the Praxis Middle School Science in 6 weeks. I have always purchased the study guides in whatever format they are available in. They not only make me very prepared to pass the test but make me feel that much more comfortable and confident that I have done everything I can to prepare myself for the Praxis exams.

Praxis – Middle School - Science (5440) Study Guide - Michelle

This is a wonderful study guide. It is very condensed and packed with information. It is set up in very easy to read chapters and sections so that you don't get overwhelmed by all the information. I really like the study tips and the practice test was really useful with excellent explanations for correct answers. I used this book to study along with the ETS study guide and practice tests (I recommend these also) and I did pass the test, which was very challenging! I allowed about 6 weeks to study although I felt that I was ready to take the exam after about 4 1/2 weeks. I definitely would not recommend studying longer than that b/c at that point you are simply "forcing" information into long-term memory which can be detrimental to studying. I believe that I will reference this book again and again for teaching my students; it's that good. I highly recommend this for the Praxis 5047! Good luck and thank you MoMetrix for putting together a great study guide!

Praxis – Middle School English Language Arts (5047) Study Guide - Scarlet

The study workbook and flash cards are very detailed. There is a ton of information all in one place I didn't have to spend hours in the library. Cards were handy and a hole punched in the top and a binder clip made them mobile. I took them to work and studied between customers and was able to put them in my pockets with ease. Very satisfied with my purchase from mometrix.

Praxis – Music Content Knowledge (5113) Study Guide - Sherry

I like this product because it not only provides me with detail of what I need to know for the exam but gives explanations as well. I love the test questions and the explanations offered in the answer key, I feel this will be a huge help to prepare me for success when I take the exam.

Praxis – Physical Education - Content and Design (5095) Study Guide - Customer

I graduated from college 32 years ago and did not have any of my text books. Besides if I did it would probably be outdated. I like the study guides and seems to match the ETS/praxis outline. I searched all over the internet and because I had success with other mometrix products I trusted to buy another Mometrix study guide. I feel confident going into the test that I will be prepared.

Praxis – Physical Education Content Knowledge (5091) Study Guide - Robert

So I ordered this book because as most people on here, I wanted a study guide for my Praxis. I'm currently pursuing my Master's in School Counseling and completing my internship. My expected graduation date is in May 2018. I struggle with test anxiety. I'm currently a teacher and in my undergrad years I struggled with passing the Praxis 1 but after multiple attempts, I finally passed. I did not want to have the same problem this time. I took the School Counseling Praxis 2 in January 2017 and failed by 6 points. Afterwards I was determined I would pass the second try, so I ordered this book due to good reviews. I read this book cover to cover and loved the tips it had for people like me with test anxiety. I went back to take it again October 2017 and PASSED! I thank this test company a million and of course God! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Praxis – Professional School Counselor (5421) - Courtney

From briefly skimming the book it is extremely detailed and covers information that I had studied while taking my reading specialist courses. It goes into depth on what varies terms, and situations mean while working as a reading specialist. It is very helpful so far. This book is going to a great review of all the topics I had covered while in my courses so I am truly prepared for my upcoming test.

Praxis – Reading Specialist (5301) Study Guide - Samantha

Before I bought this study guide, I was completely overwhelmed. Social Studies covers a lot of topics and I didn't know where to start. The Mometrix study guide has done a great job at condensing a lot of information into key bullet points that I need to study for my test. I am calmer now and feel confident that I will pass my test! Thanks Mometrix.

Praxis – Social Studies Content Knowledge (5081) Study Guide - Elizabeth

I have been avoiding studying for the exam because I was feeling overwhelmed by the amount of content I would need to know. The Secret Study Guide has helped me to focus by breaking down the information. The way the information is presented has helped me to take interest in studying for the exam. I like having explanations to help guide my learning on the practice tests, as well as sections of learning that focus on more detailed explanations to focus my learning.

Praxis – Special Education - Core Knowledge and Applications (5354) Study Guide - Customer

This is a very detailed review of the items on the Special Education (Mild to Moderate) Praxis. In addition, I would recommend it for any regular classroom teacher as a review of important professional knowledge. It can be extremely helpful when dealing with exceptional populations.

Praxis – Special Education Core Knowledge and Mild to Moderate Applications (5543) Study Guide - Customer

This study guide provides an excellent summary review of all of the topics that are part of the SLP Praxis exam. Helpful not just for returning therapists who have been out of the field for some time, but also for graduating students preparing to take the test for the first time. It is also useful as a reference for practicing clinicians. Some of the areas covered include - phonetics, language development, screening, assessment (including suggested standardized tests), and treatment. Other areas covered include secrets to exam success, general test strategies, how to overcome exam anxiety, and practice test questions. I will continue to use this study guide in years to come.

Praxis – Speech-Language Pathology (5331) Study Guide - Customer

I am very pleased with this book's organization, explanation of information, the practice test, and the answers containing detailed information. In the past, I have used four other of your Praxis books to help me prepare for tests. Each time I have passed each test without difficulty. Your books have been the only study guide I have used to prepare for the exams. Obviously, the content has been exactly what I needed to be prepared well.

Praxis – Teaching Reading - Elementary Education (5203) Study Guide - Craig

I bought this book recently, and I liked it very much. Especially the beginning part is very useful. I had anxiety about the exam, but with the logical explanation about the exam system and the explanation about related exam question types eased my anxiety. I am still studying the book and I already begin to feel that I can pass by using the book. I feel lucky because I bought this book. The book quality fine and it is really cheap if you compare it with other counterparts. Thank you.

Praxis – Technology Education (5051) Study Guide - Customer

I received my Master’s Degree in History 20 years ago and life has finally led me back to my education. In order to teach I had to take the Praxis. I haven’t done anything in History for almost 20 years and I gave myself three weeks to study. This book really helped me focus and it is a great review. I passed the Praxis on the first go and I’d like to say it’s becasue I’m smart, but I know it’s actually because I studied my tail off for it using this book and other resources. I skipped the last part of the book about test anxiety and preparedness, but I did take the exam the book provided. It really let me see where I was lacking and what I needed to study up on. Highly recommend.

Praxis – World and U.S. History - Content Knowledge (5941) Study Guide - Customer


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