What is a Political Party?


Political Parties

A political party is an organization that advocates a particular ideology and seeks to gain power within government. A political party has certain ideas about how government should run and certain policies it would like to enact. It advocates for those policies. People will run for elected office as part of that political party.

If they get elected, then they have succeeded in gaining power with the government and they can then try to enact those policies that they believe in. In the United States, we have what’s known as a two-party system.

This means that there are two dominant political parties. This makes it difficult for other parties to win elections. The two dominant parties in the U.S. are the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. In almost every election, either a Democrat or a Republican will be elected.

The Democratic Party is headed up by the DNC, which is the Democratic National Committee. It is known as the Liberal Party. It is sometimes identified by the color blue and the donkey. The Republican Party is headed up by the RNC, which is the Republican National Committee, the equivalent of the DNC, and it is known as the Conservative Party.

It is sometimes identified by the color red or the elephant. Earlier, I mentioned the other parties that are out there and how it is difficult for them to win elections. There are some smaller parties out there that may occasionally win an election, but not very many.

There are many small parties out there, but some of the more well-known smaller parties are the Constitution Party, the Green Party, the Libertarian Party, and the Reform Party. So that’s a brief look at political parties.

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Last updated: 08/10/2018


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