PAX-RN stands for Pre-Admission Examination – Registered Nursing. Nursing schools use the exam to determine if an applicant has the skills and aptitudes necessary to do well in a program of nursing education. While a high score isn’t enough by itself to guarantee admission, a low score can ruin a person’s chances of being admitted, no matter how qualified they are in other ways. The PAX-RN test is a timed, standardized test consisting of multiple choice questions in three areas – verbal ability, math, and science. The National League for Nursing, which administers the NLN PAX test, doesn’t give out much information about the NLN testing process, but on a recent exam version there were 54 math questions, while the verbal ability and science sections each contained 80 questions.

NLN exam questions are wide-ranging, covering such topics as reading comprehension, vocabulary, biology, basic math, algebra, chemistry, physics, geometry, and earth sciences. There are no passing or failing scores; each nursing program has its own standard for acceptable scores. It’s critical to do as well as you can on the exam, because a person who performs poorly may only retake the test two times. Here at Mometrix Academy you’ll find a large number of free PAX-RN test prep videos that can help you do your very best on the exam.


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Use the free PAX-RN practice test questions below to get a better understanding of the PAX-RN exam. Take advantage of this valuable resource to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses.

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