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The nursing profession provides a variety of opportunities for advancement and specialization. Nurses depend on the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) for certifications in numerous specialty practice areas. The ANCC is a subsidiary of the American Nurses Association and provides a nationally renowned certification program. ANCC-certified nurses are recognized as experts in their specialties by employers and colleagues. Nurses desiring certification to advance their career in managing a healthcare unit will want to consider taking the Nurse Executive Board Certification Examination offered by the ANCC. Candidates who are successful in passing the exam receive the credential of Nurse Executive – Board Certified (NE-BC). Mometrix, the world’s #1 test preparation company, has developed the Nurse Executive Study Guide and the Nurse Executive Practice Test to assist you in this endeavor.

Nurse Executive Practice Test

Nurse Executive Study Guide

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Nurse Executive Study Guide

Nurse Executive Flashcards

Nurse Executive Study Guide Nurse Executive Flashcards

The first step required to take this exam is to verify eligibility. Those desiring this certification must meet the following requirements:

  • Have an active RN license in the United States or a recognized equivalent in another country
  • At minimum, a bachelor’s degree in nursing
  • Within the last 3 years, completion of 30 hours of nursing administration continuing education (waived if the candidate has a master’s degree in nursing administration)
  • Past experience in nursing administration, management, or teaching (see specific requirements on their website

The Nurse Executive Exam is a computer-based test with a total of 175 questions; 150 of these questions are scored and 25 of these questions are pretest questions that are not counted in the total score. All questions should be carefully answered because there is no distinction on the test which of the questions are pretest questions and which are scored. The candidate’s score is solely based on the 150 scored questions. The 25 pretest questions are only used to determine future test questions and are not used in calculating the candidate’s final score. The total test time allowed is 3.5 hours. A maximum score of 500 is possible on the exam and a score of 350 is required to pass. If a passing score is not achieved on the first attempt, a waiting period of 60 days is required to retake it. A candidate is only allowed to take the exam three times in a 12 month period. Make the most effective use of your money and your study time by using the Nurse Executive Study Guide and Nurse Executive Practice Test developed by Mometrix.

Nurse Executive Certification Exam

Nurse Executive Certification Exam

The test content consists of four domains of practice including Structure and Processes, Professional Practice, Leadership, and Knowledge Management. There will be 27 scored questions in the Structures and Processes domain making up 18% of the exam, 55 Professional Practice questions making up 37% of the exam, 33 Leadership questions making up 22% of the exam, and 35 Knowledge Management questions making up 23% of the exam.

The Structures and Processes domain includes three subareas. The Human Capital Management subarea assesses knowledge of state and federal laws, employment relations, cross training, human resource practices, job descriptions, workplace culture, and organizational structure. These questions also evaluate skills in developing, implementing, and enforcing administrative procedures and policies and the ability to evaluate and modify them as the health care environment changes. The Financial Management subarea assesses knowledge of basic financial principles, budgeting, methods of reimbursement, contractual agreements, outsourcing, and staffing workload principles. The Health and Public Policy subarea incudes legal issues such as HIPAA, fraud, corporate compliance, whistle-blowing, electronic security, malpractice, harassment, and negligence. Consumer-driven health care, disaster planning, emergency response, public health policy issues, and prevention of legal issues are also covered in this subarea.

The Professional Practice domain consists of three subareas. The Care Management/Delivery subarea addresses topics such as health care delivery models, health care settings, health care laws and regulations, accrediting bodies, nursing practice standards, creating staffing models, designing workflows, and procedures and policies ensuring compliance and organizational integrity. The Professional Practice Environment and Models subarea assesses knowledge of practice models, professional standards, credentialing, certification, performance appraisals, coaching, staff development, continuing education, mentoring, recruiting, staff retention, vision casting, staff accountability, shared governance, and critical thinking. The Communication subarea evaluates knowledge of communication styles and principles including verbal and nonverbal communication methods, safe patient care communication, negotiation strategies, team building, leveraging diversity, and conflict management.

The Leadership domain contains three subareas. The Leadership Effectiveness subarea measures knowledge of leadership styles, leadership concepts and principles, mentoring, coaching, precepting, healthy work environments, emotional intelligence, self-reflection, diversity integration, workplace sensitivity, effectively managing change, relationship building, succession planning, and empowering employees. The Strategic Visioning and Planning subarea evaluates knowledge of strategic planning principles, nursing practice trends, healthcare environment trends, new program development, building support for new programs, performance measurement, evaluating processes, and effective program management. The Ethics and Advocacy subarea covers topics such as the ANA’s Code of Ethics, Patients’ Bill of Rights, corporate compliance, and privacy issues. These questions also address advocating for patients, staff and the nursing profession.

The Knowledge Management domain has three subareas. The Quality Monitoring and Improvement subarea measures knowledge of systems theory, continual performance improvement, measurement of processes and outcomes, safety for employees and patients, evaluation of patient care, identification of quality issues and development of plans to address these issues. The Evidence-based Practice and Research domain covers topics such as requirements of the Institutional Review Board (IRB), evidence-based practice and research techniques, presentation of research findings, developing a culture for resources that support research, and evaluating research findings in order to integrate them into policies and procedures. Questions in the Innovation domain evaluates skills in creating environments that encourage and value innovative ideas to the benefit of patients, their families, the health care organization, and the community. This subarea also includes the development of a framework to implement new and innovative ideas, evaluation and application of technology to support these ideas, and encouraging innovation by leveraging diversity.

Adequate preparation is necessary to pass the Nurse Executive Examination and receive certification. The Nurse Executive Study Guide developed by Mometrix is easy to read and includes all the material you need to know and also teaches you how to accurately apply the knowledge that you have learned. The Nurse Executive Practice Test includes answers and detailed explanations of those answers so that you can clearly understand which questions you missed and why you missed them. If you want to achieve the best results with the least amount of time studying, then this is what you have been looking for. Don’t wait any longer. Order your Nurse Executive Study Guide and Nurse Executive Practice Test from Mometrix right now. You have nothing to lose. You can trust Mometrix, the world’s #1 test preparation company, to help you take the next step in your career.

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