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The Nelson-Denny Reading test is designed to measure students’ reading ability through the high school and college levels. The test consists of two subsections. The first subsection is Vocabulary, and the second one is Comprehension. Both feature multiple-choice questions. Vocabulary consists of 80 -100 questions with five answer choices each, while the Comprehension portion requires the test taker to read five passages and answer 36 – 38 questions about the content.

The total Nelson-Denny Reading test score comes from adding the two subsection scores. The Comprehension score is doubled to compensate for the lower number of questions than the Vocabulary section. By taking the Nelson-Denny Reading test, you can determine your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to reading skills.

Nelson-Denny Reading Test Study Guide
Nelson-Denny Reading Test Flashcards

Nelson-Denny Reading Study Guide

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Nelson-Denny Reading Test Study Guide Nelson-Denny Reading Test Flashcards

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