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Improve your knowledge and skills in client intake, assessment, and diagnosis.

Sharpen your assessment skills with lessons, videos, end-of-chapter quizzes, and practice tests. Get your counseling license in no time!

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“I love how there are videos that go along with the text so if you don’t understand something from reading it, there is a video with someone explaining the concept in depth.”

– Mariya

“I studied for 2 weeks and passed! Very helpful case studies. Helped me learn how to study and what I needed to focus on.”

– Destiney

“This is a great way to study for the NCMHCE. I love the format of the text. It makes it easier to read and study from. I definitely recommend!!”

– Vivian

“Easy to read and the practice tests were where I gained everything I needed. I passed the test last week on the first time. !!!”

– Char

“It’s easy to understand and very helpful in allowing someone to study it and absorb the information.”

– Rachel

“The introduction of the book really gave me a better way to study for the test with less stress and anxiety.”

– Jamie

“I would recommend it to anyone wanting a study guide to study for the NCMHCE.”

– Stephanie

Use NCMHCE Practice Tests to Find Your Weaknesses.

We’ve all heard the saying, “Practice makes perfect,” and while it may sound cheesy, it’s true.

Taking quizzes and practice tests is the best way to prepare for an exam. This NCMHCE prep book includes two practice tests that allow you to improve your score by assessing your strengths and weaknesses.

Figuring out your weaknesses will show you where you need to review. Going back and rereading the lessons will help you better understand the concepts you missed, so you’ll score higher on the test.

Also, applying the lessons you learn in the guide will strengthen your critical thinking skills. These tests provide an opportunity to practice assessing scenarios on the clock. They simulate the intense pace of the exam so that thinking quickly will become second nature.

Make Studying Easier by Watching 30+ NCMHCE Video Tutorials.

When it comes to learning a concept or method, hearing and watching someone explain it is often more effective than simply reading about it.

With over 30 video tutorials, this study guide provides a range of helpful tools to assist you in your learning process.

While watching these tutorials, you can even take notes to reinforce your understanding of the material. With detailed videos, accurate examples, and interactive practice tests, these videos provide you with an engaging learning experience.

Pass the Test in Days.

Are you worried that you started studying too late?

Even if you only have a few days before the exam, there is still time to study and pass.

This study guide is concise, accurate, and extremely easy to use. The lessons, end-of-chapter quizzes, videos, and practice tests will prepare you in no time. Passing a test in a few days is less complicated than you think.

This well-written guide only reviews the information that will be on the test. That’s why you want to get a study guide instead of randomly studying from different online sources.

The study guide is specific to the test and targets everything that will be on it. You can pass the test as long as you glance over the lessons and take the practice tests.

Train With Counselor Methods and Techniques.

Because the NCMHCE tests your skills in client intake, assessment, and diagnosis, it’s more difficult than an average exam.

This guide is designed to help you prepare for this assessment by drilling you on the necessary techniques to assess each scenario. Mastering these abilities takes practice, and this book provides plenty of it.

By reviewing and applying these concepts to practice tests, you’ll be equipped to answer any question that comes your way.

Use Our Guide for 1 Year Risk-Free. You Have Nothing to Lose.

Mometrix has made it so that the risk is entirely ours. You may ask, how is this possible?

This NCMHCE study guide comes with a one-year 100% money-back guarantee. We have complete confidence that you will love the organization of this guide, and we wanted to eliminate any doubt you have about spending money on this guide.

Every person has personal preferences on how a resource should be written and organized.

If you find that this product doesn’t meet your opinions or expectations, you can return the guide easily! Try it out, and if you don’t like it, get every dime of your payment back.

Don’t decide now if this product works for you; decide after you’ve used it to prepare for your exam.

Get More Than an NCMHCE Prep Book

Bonus #1: Eliminate Test Anxiety.

I think we can all agree that test anxiety is the worst.

Your mind goes blank as you panic and scramble to remember simple concepts. This can impact your score more than you can imagine. If you’re able to eliminate your nerves, the outcome of your exam will improve drastically.

Taking an exam stress-free sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Since nerves have a disastrous impact on your score, you need to get rid of them. This study guide has a section of test anxiety tips to help you clear your mind and think through processes. The research Mometrix has performed in order to come up with these tips is invaluable.

These tips will improve your score by leaps and bounds.

Bonus #2: Optimize Your Studying With Detailed Study Plans.

You can’t just sit down and start studying without a plan.

Having a plan involves what, where, how, and how much you should study. Without a plan, your study sessions will be inefficient and disorganized.

The Mometrix NCMHCE review has easy-to-use study plans. These plans will optimize your study time and help you pass your test with minimal effort.

The plans balance lessons, videos, and quizzes, so you can learn the information most efficiently. The guide explains what kind of study environment you should have, how long you should study, and what study methods to use.

All of these factors can raise your test score significantly.

Raise your NCMHCE Score

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