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The National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) and the Board of Certification (BOC) administer the Athletic Training exam to assess the knowledge, skills, and abilities of entry-level athletic trainers pursuing the ATC® credential.

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BOC Athletic Training Exam Eligibility

To be eligible for the exam, you must complete a CAATE-accredited athletic training education program, and the program director of the program must confirm that you are eligible to sit for the exam. The exam can be taken during the final semester prior to graduation.

BOC Athletic Training Exam Outline

The BOC Athletic Training exam contains 175 questions, some of which are unscored, and you will be given a time limit of 4 hours. The unscored questions are used as an experiment to validate questions that may appear on future exams.

The questions are split into two item types:

  • Standalone: These are standalone questions that appear as drag-and-drop, multi-select, multiple-choice, or hot spot.
  • Focused Testlet: These questions are connected to various given scenarios. Each scenario will be followed by five questions.

The exam is split into five content domains.

  1. Risk Reduction, Wellness, and Health Literacy (20%)
  2. Assessment, Evaluation, and Diagnosis (25.6%)
  3. Critical Incident Management (20.8%)
  4. Therapeutic Intervention (25.6%)
  5. Healthcare Administration and Professional Responsibility (8%)

exam outline for the NATA-BOC exam, which contains 175 questions and has a time limit of 4 hours

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BOC Athletic Training Exam Registration

To register for the exam, you must first create an online BOC profile and submit an application. Your application must include any necessary supporting documentation and the $100 application fee ($75 for NATA members).

Once your application is approved, you will be able to register for the exam through your BOC profile. Once you have registered and paid the $375 exam fee, you will be asked to schedule your exam with Meazure Learning.

Test Day

On the day of the exam, you should arrive 15-30 minutes early and be prepared to show a valid form of ID. You should also have your confirmation email from Meazure Learning available in case it’s asked for. You should also note that friends and family will not be allowed into the building.

Before you take the exam, you will be asked to leave your cell phone, food and beverages, smoking paraphernalia, and other personal items outside of the testing room. You will then be given a dry erase board or scratch paper and a pencil to take notes.

You will be permitted to take as many breaks as you need during the exam, but the timer will not be paused at any time.

How the BOC Athletic Training Exam is Scored

The exam is scored by Meazure Learning, who takes your raw score (the number of questions you answered correctly) and converts it to a scaled score ranging from 200 to 800. The passing score for this exam is 500.

You will receive your score report via your BOC profile within 2 to 4 weeks after testing.

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How many questions are on the BOC Athletic Training exam?


There are 175 questions on the exam.


How long is the BOC Athletic Training exam?


The time limit for the exam is 4 hours.


What is the passing score for the BOC Athletic Training exam?


To pass the exam, you must achieve a scaled score of at least 500.


How much does the BOC Athletic Training exam cost?


The application fee is $100 ($75 for NATA members), and the examination fee is $375.

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