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The Mechanical Aptitude test measures a test taker’s comprehension of mechanical knowledge and skills. The different areas that are focused on are mechanical concepts, levers, gears, pulleys, etc. There are multiple testing organizations that use mechanical concepts in their exam outlines each year. Some examples include ASVAB, CAST, Bennett Mechanical Comprehension test, etc. A good score on this section of your respective exam could mean the difference in getting a job and even the position you would be most suited for. The best way to ensure you do well is by preparing in advance. This way you can determine which areas of your base mechanical knowledge need improvement.

We offer a variety of videos covering multiple areas of the exam, and our library of instructional videos is always growing. We offer individual videos covering each concept, as well as a compilation video that provides you with all the different concepts we have available. Our study pack videos are quite popular given you don’t have to open and close multiple tabs or windows. We have many study tools to help you prepare for your mechanical aptitude test. Please feel free to navigate around our site for all of your test preparation needs.

Mechanical Aptitude Study Guide

Best Mechanical Aptitude Test – Free Mechanical Comprehension Study Guide

Mechanical Aptitude Test Prep Course

Mechanical Aptitude Study Guide

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Mechanical Aptitude Test Study Guide

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