Master Addiction Counselor Exam Practice Test

Candidates for this exam are current Substance Use Disorder/Addiction professionals seeking to receive the distinction of a specialist regarding addiction evaluation and therapy.

This written exam is three hours in length, and includes 200 multiple-choice questions.

Master Addiction Counselor Exam
Study Guide
Master Addiction Counselor Exam

In addition to passing the exam, there are several requirements you must meet before being eligible to receive this credential.

  • Accredited Master’s Degree in Substance Use Disorders/Addiction or related subject.
  • Valid license as Substance Use Disorders/Addiction counselor or Professional Counselor.
  • A minimum of 3 years, full-time or 6,000 supervised hours as Substance Use Disorders/Addiction counselor.
  • A minimum of 500 hours in education and training in Substance Use Disorders/Addiction. Of the 500 hours, 250 of them must be person-to-person interaction. Ethics and HIV/other pathogens training must be part of this.

If you require special accommodations, this request must be made in writing to the National Certification Commission for Addiction Professionals (NCC AP) 35 days prior to the day of the exam.

What areas are tested on this exam?

  • Pharmacology of psychoactive substances – 28%
  • Professional issues regarding Substance Use Disorder treatment – 28%
  • Counseling practice – 24%
  • Co-occurring disorders – 20%

The skill groups assessed include:

  • Treatment admission
  • Clinical assessment
  • Ongoing treatment
  • Counseling
  • Documentation
  • Case management
  • Discharge
  • Continued care
  • Legal, ethical, and professional matters

How do I register for the exam?

Before registering for the exam, you must be approved by the National Certification Commission for Addiction Professionals (NCC AP). If approved, NCC AP will forward you a code and link to take the exam.

What is the cost of the exam?

The cost of the exam is $150.

What are the testing dates and locations?

The Master Addiction Counselor Exam is offered throughout the year, at various sites.

Online proctoring is also an option. With online proctoring, you will take the exam on your own computer, while being monitored via webcam by a qualified proctor in a different location.

What should I do the day of the exam?

Bring a valid photo ID if not utilizing the online proctoring option.

You are prohibited from bringing personal, non-exam related or approved items into the testing area.

Master Addiction Counselor Practice Test

Master Addiction Counselor (Study Guide)

What happens after I take the exam?

You will be emailed an unofficial score report once the exam is complete. Also, an official score report will be sent to the NCC AP.

What happens if I don’t pass the exam?

You must contact NCC AP with the request to re-register for the exam.

Generally, you are allowed to take the exam a maximum of three times in a calendar year.

Master Addiction Counselor Exam Study Guide

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Master Addiction Counselor Exam Study Guide
Master Addiction Counselor Exam Flashcards

Master Addiction Counselor Exam Study GuideMaster Addiction Counselor Exam Flashcards

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