Managerial Control

Managers perform many different roles, and Henri Fayol created a list of five basic management functions, four of which are generally identified today. These include planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Planning involves creating a plan of action to accomplish a goal for the organization. For instance, if the manager wishes to increase employee efficiency, then he or she may create a plan to give incentives to top performers. The leader will make a list of logical steps to accomplish the goal. Organizing includes resource distribution as well as organizing employees in the best way to carry out the plan. For instance, the manager will decide which employees can help with the plan. He or she might delegate work and direct employees to help implement it. When a manager is leading, he or she connects with the employees personally. He or she might inspire, motivate, and encourage. The employees should look up to the manager as a leader. Controlling occurs after the plan has been implemented. Managers evaluate whether the goals of the plan have been met. If not, he or she will take action to reach the goal.


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Last updated: 12/15/2017
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