How to Write a Summary of an Experiment

As you go over the experiments, make sure you have a high level of understanding of what each one was about. As you review the experiments, the main goals are to get a general understanding of what they were about and notice the key variables that were changed.

By getting a general understanding of what went on and understanding which variables were changed, it will allow you to save time while answering the questions, because you’ll be quickly able to go to the right experiment depending on what you need to find out.

If you’re looking at three experiments during the test, first you want to read these experiments and get a general understanding. You need to understand which key variables were changed. You might even want to make a note of that, like in experiment 1 temperature was changed, in experiment two pressure was changed, and then in the third experiment volume was changed.

Now, you have a general understanding of what each experiment is about. You know which key variables were changed. Then, when you have a question about one of the experiments you immediately know where to go to find the right answer.



by Mometrix Test Preparation | This Page Last Updated: July 21, 2023