Interpretation of Expository or Literary Text

An expository text informs, explains, or describes a process or research. When writing an interpretation for an expository text, be sure to outline the basic elements of the process. Once you have established the steps of the process evaluate how effective they were in describing the research or explaining the process. A literary text is either a narrative, essay, or a work of fiction. When writing an interpretation for a literary text it is important that you focus on one aspect, as trying to focus on multiple will cause your writing to be jumbled and confusing. Once you have determined the aspect of the text you would like to write about, you can introduce the aspect, explain how the author applies the aspect, and discuss what the author’s purpose for that aspect was. When writing the interpretation for the literary text, be sure to both describe the text and expand and elaborate upon it.

Interpretation of Expository or Literary Text

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Last updated: 12/18/2017
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