ILTS School Social Worker Practice Test

School social workers have challenging jobs. Like teachers, they handle academic issues that students may have. But in addition, they often deal with behavioral and mental health concerns. They also provide therapy and support services and consult with parents and teachers as needed. In order to be employed as a social worker in an Illinois school, you must first pass the ILTS School Social Worker Exam.

The computer-based ILTS School Social Worker Test consists of 125 multiple-choice questions. You must complete the test in three hours and 45 minutes. A score of 240 or higher is required to pass.

ILTS School Social Worker Practice Test

The exam is comprised of four subareas: social work theories and services, assessment and evaluation, consultation and collaboration, and the learning community and the social worker. In order to pass the test, you must understand concept such as theories of development and learning, school social work practice in the community, diversity within the social environment, school social work practice with individuals, planning educational and social work services, principles of assessment and evaluation, evaluating emotional/mental health, evaluating social and overall functioning, and support of student learning. The test also covers effective communication and consultation strategies, effective advocacy and facilitation strategies, functions of individuals and groups in the learning community, promoting a healthy learning community, supporting diversity in the learning community, professional conduct and ethics, and professional development.

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If you desire a bit more help in the studying department, get assistance from the ILTS School Social Worker Study Guide. This comprehensive guide offers helpful tips to plan your study time as in-depth summaries of each subject area. You’ll pass the exam with flying colors.

ILTS School Social Worker Study Guide

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